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Shed That Spare Tyre This Winter by Putting Your Body Through a Haynes MOT

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Body Transformation Manual

Shed That Spare Tyre This Winter by Putting Your Body Through a Haynes MOT

After weeks of gorging on festive food and drink over Christmas, January will be the time to wave goodbye to that newly formed spare tyre by choosing from one of four fitness titles.

As millions of people in the UK look to get fit this January, author Sean Lerwill has written four top-selling Haynes fitness manuals, including the Body Transformation Manual, the Running Manual, the Triathlon Manual, and the Royal Marine Fitness Manual.

Sean is no stranger to keeping fit – not only is he an ex-Royal Marines Commando Physical Training Instructor, international cover model and celebrity trainer, but he has written for numerous fitness publications.

These highly motivating titles are packed with top tips on how to transform your body and learn that all important discipline to keep yourself revved up as you steer yourself towards a healthy lifestyle.

So how do you stay on the straight and narrow? Below are ten top tips from Sean Lerwill to help shift that spare tyre!

Top tips from Sean Lerwill

  1. Be different – to change you, you must progress your gym training. If your training is the same week in week out – same weights, same exercises, same sessions – then you'll also remain the same
  2. Intensity is key - without intensity your sessions are no better than a slow jog around the park. They'll raise your heart rate, burn a few calories, but won't help you progress past the point you are at.
  3. Variety is key – without variation you become stagnant. Change regularly to keep the body guessing and changing.
  4. Leg day – leg day is arguably the most important session of your training programme. It has so many physiological advantages, not to mention crafting an attractive set of legs for both men and women.
  5. Less is more – in the gym, the mantra 'less is more' is often very true. Train hard and intense, but get in and get out. After all, you need to eat, sleep and prepare for tomorrow!
  6. Be uncomfortable – Like Royal Marine training, you can never be in your comfort zone in the gym. If you are, you're coasting, and your muscles are finding the session too easy. Tweak one of the variables – tempo, weight, rest etc – or add a drop set or rest/pause set and make sure you work to that failure point to make the changes you want happen. The only person who loses out when you take it easy is you. You can never get a session back. Treat each session like it's your last.
  7. Warming up – if you haven't got time to warm up, then you haven't got time to train
  8. Find a training partner – it makes training more of a commitment and can also give a bit for friendly competition
  9. Fruit – although high in carbohydrate (sugars), fruits are not bad! We need to make sure we hit our individual macronutrient needs of proteins, carbs and fats, and within that you can eat your fair share of fruit up to your carbohydrate allowance for that day
  10. Bad days – a bad day of eating – eating well in excess of your calorie needs, especially if alcohol is involved – doesn't just cancel out one good day, it cancels around four good days

Royal Marines Fitness Manual

About the author

Sean Lerwill is an ex-Royal Marines Commando Physical Training Instructor, international cover model, Maxinutrition ambassador, celebrity trainer and author of four Haynes manuals on fitness. He has written for numerours fitness publications and recently won the Maximuscle protein project, obtaining the 'best 12-week body transformation' from his 'average Joe' Ollie, as voted for by the public and a celebrity panel.