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@WengerKnowsBest sheds light on FA cup-winning season in unprecedented Twitter book

14 Oct 2014
Nov 2014

A man who could be @WengerKnowsBest & fans enjoy Little Bit Silverware, and the book next to the @WengerKnowsBest Pie at Piebury Corner, Holloway Rd

“Overall, I believe our surprise plan to drop little bit physically in the first half lacked maybe little bit sharpness.”

“I believe Chelsea agreeing to pay £32m for Costa proves the market is inflated. Normally you can get a latte for £2.65.”

Arsenal’s dramatic 3-2 victory over Hull City in last season’s FA Cup Final ended a nine-year trophy drought and brought good times back to the Gunners. The secrets of the season have now been revealed, including conversations with managers, transfer negotiations and … little bit hair niggles, in an unprecedented new book by Twitter parody artist @WengerKnowsBest.

Arsène Wenger is one of the beautiful game’s most revered and respected managers, a man whose mastery of football is equalled only by his mastery of language. He speaks fluent French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese, but most of all he speaks fluent Wenger. Little Bit Silverware captures Wenger’s sayings, mannerisms and catchphrases perfectly, to tell the story of Arsenal’s landmark 2013/14 season.

Discover Arsène Wenger like never before, through a chronology of his finest tweets during the campaign, plus exclusive inside-story revelations through bespoke photo spreads. Catch secret telephone calls with rival managers, surprise exposés, Wenger's dream-like appearance on Bullseye and the inside story on why Per Mertesacker is called the 'BFG'.

Daily Mirror football correspondent John Cross, who has written the foreword for the book, says: “For us Wenger watchers, Little Bit Silverware will cause more than a “little bit” amusement. In fact, Wenger Knows Best has been essential reading on Twitter for some time now as it captures the great man just perfectly… you can almost hear Arsène Wenger saying it as you read one of his quirky remarks.

“I’m not sure whether Arsène knows about Wenger Knows Best. I hope he’d find it amusing if he does. Because it’s all meant in very good humour… To be this clever and perceptive, you must be something of an obsessive and so perhaps the Arsenal manager and his alter ego are perfectly suited for each other.”

Little Bit Silverware - Wenger Knows Best is illustrated with photographs from the archives of the Daily Mirror and is a must for all football fans.

About the author

@WengerKnowsBest started in April 2011, merely as a comic interpretation of recognisable Wengerisms. Amusing twists on reality, the tweets have gained a life of their own, always meant in respect, never rude, never crude. Initially to amuse the author, it was never contemplated that @WengerKnowsBest would attract even 20 followers: three years later, it has over 120,000 followers worldwide.

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