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Vanishing London

An evocative look at a bygone city
September 2011
Paul Joseph Foreword by Robert Elms, BBC London
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London is, and always has been, a vortex of perpetual change. The 7 million people that live in the city today are presented with a volume of commercial, technological and cultural choice that dwarfs any other period in its history.

As each new high street brand and high-tech building appears on the urban landscape, it becomes increasingly difficult to recall what once came before. This sense of loss is exacerbated by the sheer pace of life that creates an almost 'tunnel vision' effect in its citizens and visitors.

Vanishing London offers an opportunity to remove those blinkers and enjoy a quirky and evocative look at a bygone city. Using atmospheric photography gleaned from the extensive Mirrorpix archives, it chronicles the changing topography of London, as well as charting the social evolution of the city through its industries, sub-cultures, fashions, and momentous occasions.

About the author

Paul Joseph was born and bred in the capital and has worked there as a journalist and writer for nearly a decade. He lives in North London.

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