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'Twist and Go' Scooters - Haynes Service and Repair Manual


With increasing fuel costs, it's hardly surprising that scooters are so popular. Miles per gallon figures in excess of 70 are typical, with some models giving 100mpg. And, of course, they are inexpensive to tax and insure and dead easy to park.

They do have a drawback though - servicing costs. Garages don't seem to appreciate that scooter owners are seeking low running costs. You can pay anything up to £100 to have a drivebelt replaced and the variator rollers serviced - a job which should be done every 10,000 miles or so. Yet, the Scooters Service and Repair Manual from Haynes rates this task as 'suitable for a beginner with some experience'. Typically, a drivebelt costs between £10 and £15. Do your own maintenance and servicing of your scooter and you could save a fortune.

Of course, doing the jobs correctly is vital and is where the Scooters Service and Repair Manual from Haynes comes in. For a start, Haynes is the undisputed world leader for car, van and motorcycle manuals. "Haynes Manuals just cannot be beaten," is the verdict of Motor Cycle News. Moreover, sales figures exceeding 150 million speak for themselves.

As with all Haynes manuals, the Scooters Service and Repair Manual is comprehensively illustrated and the detailed instructions are based on strip-downs of scooters. Each task is rated for difficulty - from one-spanner jobs for DIY novices to five-spanner jobs for experts. And there are Haynes Hints - tips for doing a job more easily or alternatives to using expensive tools. Daily (pre-ride) checks are covered in detail, as are checks to do ahead of your scooter's MOT test.

Okay, so far so good. But what about owners of the swish Gilera Runner VX125, the cute MBK Doodo 125 or the smart Sym Jet 50? Can this new manual help them? Yes, it can - those scooters are covered in the data section, together with a further 83 models. Virtually all popular scooters with carburetted engines made after 1990 are covered in both general terms and in the detailed data sheets. That means 50cc to 250cc automatic transmission (Twist and Go) scooters from Aprilia, Gilera, Honda, Malaguti, MBK, Peugeot, Piaggio, Suzuki, Sym, Vespa and Yamaha.

So the only remaining questions are where do you buy this manual and how much does it cost? (See grey box on the right.)

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