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Toddler Manual

The practical step-by-step guide to toddlers and younger children
Dr. Ian Banks
Out Now

Lovable, cheeky, infuriating and challenging...toddlers are all of these and more. If only they came with an instruction book.well, now they do with the Haynes Toddler Manual, out now in paperback. This is a practical, down to earth guide designed specifically for Dads.

How do you recognise if your child is ill? How do you potty train? What should you feed your little one?

These issues and more are tackled in the guide by Dr Ian Banks, back by popular demand following the success of his Baby Manual, a best seller since its release in 2003. The author uses his own experience as a father of four and practising doctor as well as asking the opinion of other Dads of toddlers.

Since time is of the essence for all parents the Toddler Manual uses illustrations, boxes, images and bullet points to get the information across.

'Toddler Tantrums' are a much-feared and renowned part of the 'terrible two's'. Banks uses the example of the supermarket to outline his plans of action. Plan A - Delayed reward, Plan B - Distraction, Plan C - Rational talking, Plan D - Yell at the supermarket manager for putting sweets on sale in the first place. Ok, so maybe the first two are the most realistic but Banks also gives important reminders on self control, setting ground rules and how to operate a 'Time Out' situation should the worst happen.

The author thought that most books about parenting were aimed at mothers and only gave a token acknowledgement of the role of Dads. The Toddler Manual is an attempt to redress the balance, looking at raising toddlers from a Dad's perspective. Tracking the major challenges from the post-baby stage to pre-school children, the book continues the Haynes tradition of making practical knowledge accessible.


Dr Ian Banks has also written several other titles for Haynes including the best selling Man, Brain and Sex manuals. He is also the author of the NHS Direct Health Care Guide, a frequent broadcaster, the President of the European Men's Health Forum and Visiting Professor of European Men's Health at Leeds Metropolitan University. He lives in Northern Ireland.

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