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Time to swot up with the Bluffer’s Guide to University – an essential survival guide for Freshers

11th July 2019
Rob Ainsley & Emma Smith
Wednesday, 26 June, 2019


11th July 2019: Over half a million people have applied to start a course at university in 2019, according to UCAS. As they anxiously await their A-level results this August, how many will know what to expect as they nervously pack their bags for uni?  Thankfully, the new look Bluffer’s Guide to University is here to help as they prepare to fly the nest.  

The timely guide provides essential reading for students heading off to university for the first time. The book offers instant wit and wisdom to the reader, and requires minimum effort to digest, but delivers maximum credibility – making it the perfect gift for freshers. 

The book gives essential pointers to any budding university student on how to get in, where to get in, how to stay in, what to say, where to say it, what not to say, where to be seen, what to eat, and even what to wear. 

Written by Rob Ainsley and Emma Smith, the book instantly equips the reader with all the knowledge needed to pass as a pro when it comes to the world of university.  The Bluffer's Guide to University is not a ‘How To’ guide, but rather a ‘How to Pretend You Know How To’ guide (there is a subtle distinction).  

Bluffer’s Guides are both informative and entertaining to read, and provide a great starting point for understanding any topic including academic subjects such as Archaeology, Journalism, Management, PR, Social Media, Poetry and the Quantum Universe


Title details

The Bluffer’s Guide to University is available from priced at £6.99 in print, and is also available in e-book format from Amazon Kindle Store. The book number is H6585. The ISBN is 9781785215858. It is published in July 2019.  For more information visit


About the authors

ROB AINSLEY enrolled in the University of Life at the start of the 1960 academic year.  After reading Maths at Oxford, Ainsley became a journalist, and later read music at Goldsmith’s College, London.

EMMA SMITH began her writing career at the early age of 15 and ¾ when she appointed herself co-editor of the acclaimed Latimer & Smith.  Emma graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2012 clutching a wholly unexpected degree in English. 


About Bluffer's Guide 

The iconic five-million-copy bestselling Bluffer’s Guide series has been relaunched by Haynes Publishing. The famously ingenious pocket-sized books have been inspiring speech writers, ironic gift givers, and genuine information seekers for the past four decades. 

Written by experts and offering readers the opportunity to pass off appropriated knowledge as their own, the Guides provide hard fact masquerading as frivolous observation in one witty, easy read.

The pocket-sized books, which the Daily Telegraph described as containing ‘an amazing amount of solid fact disguised as frivolous observation’, have been helping millions of readers gain background knowledge on a diverse range of subjects from Accountancy to Sex since 1975.

Involving minimum effort and ensuring maximum credibility, the Bluffer’s Guides provide instant wit and wisdom. 


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