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Thunderbirds Manual 50th Anniversary Edition

Haynes launches Thunderbirds Manual 50th Anniversary Edition to coincide with first airing of the original series in September 1965
18 August 2015
Graham Bleathman and Sam Denham
September 2015

50 years on from the first airing of the original Supermarionation production of Thunderbirds in September 1965, Haynes is this month launching the Thunderbirds Agents’ Technical Manual 50th Anniversary Edition.

This inventive, informative and entertaining guide to the world’s foremost rescue organization provides the ultimate insight into the secrets of the fabulous International Rescue team, including in-depth examinations of the Thunderbirds craft, as well as other incredible 21st Century vehicles.

The 50th Anniversary Edition, published in paperback, has been updated to include an additional 16-page section which features detailed illustrations and photographs of ‘guest’ vehicles from the original TV series – those that were involved in rescues carried out by International Rescue.

Set to be a hit with the most avid of Thunderbirds fans, the manual has been presented as if it were to be used by International Rescue field agents, complete with an introduction by Jeff Tracy and operational procedures for agents’ missions.

The manual has also been revised to feature seven brand new cutaways of vehicles featured in rescue missions, supported by additional detailed diagrams, colour illustrations and photographs.

The Haynes Thunderbirds Agents’ Technical Manual 50th Anniversary Edition. is a joint collaboration between Sam Denham, an authority on the work of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, and Graham Bleathman, one of the country’s foremost illustrators of Gerry Anderson’s television series including Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 and Thunderbirds. It will be of huge appeal to fans of nostalgic TV, science fiction, technical hardware and the amazing futuristic worlds produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

The manual also features illustrations by original Thunderbirds series designer Mike Trim, and computer generated visuals created by young artist Chris Thompson, bringing together the original Thunderbirds creative team and new talent inspired by their enduring work.

Talking about the manual, collaborators Graham and Sam commented: “It’s incredible that 50 years on, Thunderbirds has still has such a huge following of all ages, and we have had great fun illustrating and writing about the vehicles from the TV series.

We hope that readers will really enjoy the extra 16 pages that we’ve produced for this special anniversary edition which highlight some of the other vehicles, air and spacecraft that have featured occasionally in series, but weren’t part of the International Rescue organization. Most of these are in colour, and include the Fireflash Airliner, the Martian Space Probe, Monorail systems, the US Army ‘Sidewinder’ vehicle and the Crablogger.

Graham Bleathman and Sam Denham are available for further comment and media interview.

About the authors

Sam Denham is a freelance writer specializing in classic fantasy television. His work has included stage shows, books, DVD production and magazine articles. He is a leading authority on the worlds of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson

Graham Bleathman is renowned and respected for his cutaway drawings of the Thunderbirds vehicles and, and no one knows more about the inner workings of these and the other craft and installations created for Gerry Anderson’s productions. His recent work also includes Haynes manuals based on Wallace and Gromit and Dan Dare.

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