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So Just Who is Arthur Bottom?

There's Only One Arthur Bottom Football Icons & Cult Heroes
20th May 2013
David Walker
Out Now

Football’s most celebrated club icons and cult heroes revealed

What makes a football icon or a cult hero? Few issues spark more passionate debate among fans than a look at their club’s greatest players.

There’s Only One Arthur Bottom by Haynes Publishing takes a an in-depth look at all 92 clubs in the Premier League and Football League revealing the most revered players along with the marauders and mavericks.

By meticulously assessing the impact, style and merits of the fan’s favourite stars, this fascinating read nominates the best of the best; the true legends that developed a special bond with their fans and those whose talent was unique. Sometimes, a cult hero might not have been the best player but his performances endeared him to the fans all the same.

Some icons are predictable. Others will be a catalyst for heated exchange. ‘Football Icons and Cult Heroes’ highlights the conflicting values of fans in their search for skill, stardust and never-say-die attitudes - after all, one man's Clown Prince of Football is another fan's greedy so-and-so.

Using the unique Daily Mirror Photographic Library, the input of Sunday Mirror readers and the views of the Football Supporters' Federation, Haynes Publishing has released the ultimate book to captivate football fans everywhere. Arthur Bottom? York City’s favourite son, no less.

The Author

David Walker began sports reporting in in 1973. He covered northern sport for The Sun from 1982-85 and then became the Daily Mail’s man in Yorkshire. He became the Mail's chief northern sports writer in 1988 and was then promoted to become chief football news reporter. He joined the Mail on Sunday as deputy sports editor in 1997. In 2000 he became an executive director of Leeds United. Since 2005 he has been the Sunday Mirror’s sports editor.

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