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Royal Marines Fitness

Physical Training Manual
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Get fit the Royal Marines Way

The Royal Marines are the Royal Navy's elite infantry fighting force and their coveted green beret, worn by all Commando-trained soldiers, is world-renowned. The physical training that all Royal Marines recruits undergo is part of what makes them who they are; challenging and demanding, yet also structured and achievable. Here, for the first time, is the official manual to show you in detail how you can mirror all relevant aspects in your own fitness training.

Written by Royal Marines Physical Training Staff at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines in Devon, this is your personal training programme. Packed with facts and step-by-step instruction accompanied by hundreds of colour photographs, Royal Marines Fitness contains a wealth of guidance for anyone wanting to achieve a higher level of fitness, whether it's preparing for a marathon, losing weight or putting on muscle mass.

This manual provides you with all the tools and information you need to put together a training programme specific to your own targets, and to adapt it as you surpass your expectations. It is also much more than a fitness manual, covering subjects such as diet and nutrition, fitness psychology and physiology. Royal Marines Fitness encompasses the entire ethos, commitment and approach required to reach the highest standards and provides all the instruction required for complete physical fitness.

Spokesperson WO1 Robert Beauchamp joined the Royal Marine Commandos in 1988 and was awarded the Physical Training Medal for the best physical performance within his recruit troop. After two years service in 40 Commando Royal Marines he joined the Physical Training Specialisation. Robert is now the top senior non-commissioned officer in the PT Spec, responsible for its manning, all aspects of the PT courses and advising on PT policy throughout the Royal Marine Corps. As well as being a published fitness author, he has also written articles for 'One More Rep', 'Maxim' and 'Men's Fitness' magazines on no nonsense, real life fitness.

Royal Marines

Modern Royal Marine Commandos evolved to provide first rate soldiers who could be relied upon to conduct tasks of an expeditionary nature beyond the capabilities of the regular infantry. C E Lucas Philips wrote of WW2 Commando training being, ".the attainment of that extra scruple of endurance that often makes the impossible possible." Thus, the abiding aim of Royal Marine fitness training, now termed combat conditioning, is to prepare the Royal Marine mentally and physically for the whole spectrum of potential operations, and this includes developing an eager fighting spirit and high levels of stamina [strength-endurance]. The Royal Marine is not a fitness specialist, requiring neither the low effort endurance of a marathon runner nor the absolute strength of a weightlifter. Royal Marine combat conditioning endeavours to develop as many of the ten components of fitness as possible within every PT session whilst reinforcing purposeful military skills such as Close Combat and the surmounting of obstacles.

The 'Green Beret' Commando course creates tough, adaptable men with a strong team ethos. Historically commandos have always exercised ruggedly wearing full combat equipment, but modern combat conditioning is far more than just this, it continues to develop physically and mentally robust marines who are 'fit for purpose - for life', improving their exercise economy by becoming stronger, faster and more agile using specific physical preparedness founded upon solid general conditioning, but not by necessarily using any one fitness activity conventionally. Such men can be tasked to not only perform the most demanding tasks in the most extreme environments and circumstances but to do so with greater frequency, in short to carry more weight, fight harder and for longer than anyone else.

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