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Roary The Racing Car

Owner’s Workshop Manual
Steve Rendle
Out Now

"I love being involved with Roary the Racing Car. The programme is a great way for young children to learn who I am. The show is internationally recognised and provides children with an exciting introduction into the world of motorsport, through brilliant storylines, fantastic songs and great humour. I have a lot of fun recording the narration and I enjoy working with Peter Kay who voices the main character, Big Chris!" - Sir Stirling Moss

"My friends with children, literally from all over the world, have told me how much they enjoy watching Roary the Racing Car with their youngsters, so I was delighted when I was invited to join the cast. They have been enormous fun and I now feel that I have achieved fame at last by becoming part of such outstanding entertainment!" - Murray Walker

Immensely popular with 2-6 year-olds, Roary the Racing Car stories follow the adventures of a young racing car. Haynes and Chapman Entertainment have combined forces to produce this innovative and exciting Haynes Manual where young readers can learn much about racing cars and motor racing.

Aimed at the 2-6-years age group, the Roary the Racing Car Manual brings the Haynes treatment, complete with big, bright cutaway drawings and illustrated step-by-step guides, to one of the most popular children's TV characters. Inspired by the world-famous Haynes Manuals, this book explains how Roary works, what's under his body panels and how Big Chris keeps him in tip-top condition.

Roary's friends also feature, as readers learn more about racing cars and motor racing at Silver Hatch racetrack. Learn about what happens during a race, how Big Chris looks after the cars in the workshop, and find out racing facts about Roary and his friends. Roary the Racing Car Manual is fun, colourful and will delight children and parents alike:

  • "Light 'em up" with Roary and learn all about motor racing.
  • Zoom round Silver Hatch racetrack to find out how Roary wins a race.
  • See how the cars work and how Big Chris gets them ready to race.
  • Fun, racing facts about Roary and the other cars at Silver Hatch.
  • Learn about Marsha's flags and what they mean.


Steve Rendle has worked for Haynes Publishing for over 20 years. In writing this book, he draws on his past experience as a technical author of car manuals, his passion for motor racing, and the fun of explaining to his young children what's happening during the Grand Prix TV coverage on a Sunday afternoon!

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