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Red Bull Racing F1 Car

2010 (RB6) Owners' Workshop Manual
June 2011
Steve Rendle
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A unique look under the skin of the 2010 World Championship-winning Red Bull Racing F1 car

"A beautiful car, but most important it was bloody quick, one of the best on the grid, and fun to drive."

Sebastian Vettel - 2010 Formula One Drivers' World Champion

It was the car that put Red Bull Racing firmly at the top of Formula One as 2010 Constructors' World Champions, and saw Sebastian Vettel become the youngest-ever Drivers' World Champion. Now, for the first time, the Red Bull Racing RB6 is stripped down and laid bare in a new Haynes Manual, the Red Bull Racing F1 Car Owners' Workshop Manual, published on 7 July.

The engineering talents of legendary F1 designer Adrian Newey are widely credited as a major component in Red Bull Racing's success, but the World Championship triumph involved a huge level of commitment from every one of Red Bull Racing and Red Bull Technology's 550 employees. The pace of development was astonishing, as the team pushed hard to stay ahead through innovation, determination and sheer hard work.

Haynes' Red Bull Racing F1 Car Manual, produced with the full cooperation of Red Bull Racing, takes a unique look under the skin of the RB6, explaining in unrivalled detail how a modern F1 car is designed, constructed and operated, and how its complex systems work.

With a level of openness rarely seen in F1, the Red Bull Racing F1 Car Manual also outlines the technical developments made throughout the 2010 season to keep Red Bull Racing out in front, including double and blown diffusers and the F-Duct.

Exclusive technical illustrations, alongside detailed photographs of the car itself, accompany the fascinating text, which covers:

  • The Anatomy of the Red Bull Racing RB6 - chassis, aerodynamics, suspension and steering, brakes, engine, transmission, tyres, electronics, hydraulic system, safety equipment, driver controls
  • The Designer's View - the design process, optimising the 'package', wind-tunnel and CFD simulation, testing and development
  • The Race Engineer's View - working on the car, working with the driver, setting up the car, the race weekend
  • The Race Driver's View - Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber provide insight into how they drive a Formula One car and how they work with the team to develop and optimise it throughout the season

Alongside full technical details and analysis, the book includes input from Red Bull Racing's drivers and engineers, giving the reader great insight into the running of the team and the whole Red Bull Racing operation, as well as the car itself.

Mark Webber describes with characteristic frankness what it's like to actually drive the RB6, as well as talking the reader through a lap of last year's British Grand Prix at Silverstone, which he won:

"There are no comforts for the driver. It's pretty raw, and everything's in there to do a job and no more ... We lie down in the car ... with our feet up, strapped in very, very heavily ... It's very compact, your knees are together and your ankles are together ... It's very bumpy at the end of that [Silverstone, Hangar] straight, so you'll probably be able to smell the plank a little bit - you can smell the wood sometimes . when the plank is new or early in the race when the car is heavy with fuel."

Writing in the Foreword for Haynes' Red Bull Racing F1 Car Manual, Christian Horner, Team Principal, Red Bull Racing said:

"We were delighted when Haynes approached us to take part in this project, I remember using a Haynes Manual for my first car, which was a VW Beetle. It's fantastic that there is now a Haynes Manual to represent the RB6, which was our most successful car to date."

Adrian Newey, Chief Technical Officer, Red Bull Racing added:

"The RB6 was a good car that brought us two World Championships. Our pace of development in 2010 was phenomenal, with new parts going onto the car at almost every race ... I will always look back at the RB6 with fond memories and it's great that there is now a Haynes Manual to record it."

About the Author

Steve Rendle has been a technical writer and editor with Haynes Publishing for 25 years, with a particular enthusiasm for motorsport and technical books. He has had a passion for F1 since his parents took him to Silverstone as a teenager in 1981 to witness John Watson winning the British Grand Prix.

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