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Raspberry Pi 2 Manual

Haynes cooks up how-to manual on Raspberry Pi 2
14 April 2016

Following the success of the Haynes manual on the UK’s best-selling personal computer Raspberry Pi, the publisher has launched a brand new guide to the device’s successor, the Raspberry Pi 2.

The Haynes Raspberry Pi 2 Owner’s Workshop Manual covers all aspects of the updated computer, intervening models and the model ‘Zero’. Guiding readers through the full process of setup and configuration, computing and programming, the manual offers a series of ‘recipes’ that demonstrate the versatility of the device’s hardware and software. These recipes include linking the device to the internet, cameras, LCD screens and Bluetooth devices.

More advanced ‘meal plans’ give readers a step-by-step guide to key programming areas including game and animation development, a system for using the device to provide real-time alerts when connected to the internet, and creating a ‘media center’ which uses the computer as a processing hub for audio and video playback.

The manual is authored by Dr. Gray Girling, who studied computer science at the University of Cambridge, before going on to work for Acorn Computers. More recently he worked as an engineer for Broadcom which saw him closely involved in the development of the Raspberry Pi computer itself.

Revised to include information on the new elements contained in the Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi A+, and Raspberry Pi Zero but also remaining a useful guide for owners of each previous model as well as the newly-released Raspberry Pi 3, the manual contains handy jargon-busting sections. It also includes a series of images throughout to make this an easily-digestible title for anyone switching their device on for the first time.

New areas of focus in the updated manual include a guide to the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s camera modules and additional information to assist Mac users for the first time.

Dr. Girling commented: “The Raspberry Pi project has been a fantastic success in inspiring a new generation to learn key computing and programming skills, an area that had sadly been missing from the school curriculum for a number of years.

“This new manual is aimed at people with little or no experience of using the computer and taking them through a step-by-step process on how to get the most from it. The Raspberry Pi’s potential applications are many and vast, and although the book can’t possibly cover them all, it is designed to give people the essential toolkit that, when applied to imagination and creativity, can create amazing results.”

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Raspberry Pi 2 Owner’s Workshop ManualRaspberry Pi 2 Owner’s Workshop Manual is available from and is priced at £18.99.
The book number is H6073, ISBN: 9781785210730.


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