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Preparing your motorcycle for spring


It's official - spring is here and we've even had sunshine to prove it. Come on you fair weather bikers, dust off your Ducati or uncover your Kawasaki - get riding!

There's no better time to own a motorcycle - they're more economical to run than cars and well suited to the UK's congested roads. Commute on your motorcycle Mondays to Fridays and then get away with your partner and mates at the weekends.

For safe, reliable riding through the warmer months, your motorcycle needs to be prepared thoroughly. There's no need to take it to a dealer, The Motorcycle Book (Second Edition) by Haynes tells you everything you need to know about owning, enjoying and maintaining your bike. Haynes is the world's foremost publisher of automotive repair manuals and renowned for teaching millions of car and motorcycle owners how to carry out routine maintenance and repairs.

Here are five tips from Haynes' experts to help you ready your bike for spring.

  1. First, is the tax disc valid and your insurance policy current?
  2. Petrol can go off in storage. If you did not drain the tank, do so now and dispose of the old fuel properly. Fill the tank with freshly bought fuel!
  3. Refit the battery which you should have been trickle charging through the winter. If you didn't do this, get the battery checked - it may well need replacing.
  4. Inflate the tyres to the correct pressures. Check the brake fluid levels, coolant level and engine oil level. Make sure the brakes operate correctly and free off when released.
  5. Start the engine and let it warm up while you check that there are no leaks. Now take the bike for a run to make sure that the clutch, gears and brakes are all working correctly.

Now in its second edition, The Motorcycle Book is full of information vital to bikers young and old, experienced and novice. There's a whole section about the different sorts of motorcycles available and their pros and cons.

Each part of a motorcycle, from tyres to fuel injection systems and suspension to brakes is considered - with the different designs of components examined. Then there's everything you need to know about maintaining your bike, including sections on tools, MoTs, troubleshooting and storage. Don't leave that Honda holed up in your garage or that BMW banished to a barn - ride it!

The information on this page is supplied courtesy of Haynes Publishing, please credit accordingly if you intend to use it. For more information or to request a review copy please contact Spirit PR on 0117 944 1415 or email Haynes PR

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