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Prepare for a Zombie Outbreak with Haynes

Zombie Survival Manual The Complete Guide to Surviving a Zombie Attack
27 September 2013
Sean T Page
Out Now

When the zombie apocalypse happens will you know how to protect your family, forage for food and fight the undead? And how will you survive in the post-apocalyptic world?

The Zombie Survival Manual is new practical guide from Haynes Publishing, the people that brought you the Sewing Manual and the Peugeot 206 Manual, includes step-by-step instructions for anybody who wants to survive.

Richly illustrated and packed with the latest scientific updates, the Zombie Survival Manual will take you through everything you need to know to stay alive when the rest of the world is being feasted upon.

Author Sean T Page has thoroughly researched all of the advice by replicating the conditions of an apocalypse. Whilst writing the manual he stayed in a former Cold War bunker in Essex for five days, working out what he would need to survive.

He said: “If you consider yourself an unbeliever then you’ll find all the corroborated scientific proof that zombies exist within this book, together with everything you need to survive.

“A recent international survey showed that over 60% of people believed that the world would be facing a zombie apocalypse within the next decade. Fact. Brad Pitt won’t always be there. Fact. Haynes are good at instruction manuals. Fact!

“If you’re already paranoid about the end of the world then these pages are gonna make you feel a whole lot worse but it’s all stuff you need to know if you’re going to survive!”

There’s a stack of information on innovative ways to take out zombies and some downright dangerous advice on everything from creating a zombie-busting wheelchair to building devastating traps to ensnare the walking dead.

The Zombie Survival Manual also includes the chance to test your knowledge and become a certified zombie survivalist.

The manual is designed to educate, train, amuse, scare and prepare, and not always in that order.

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