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Planet Earth saved after Haynes releases StarTrek™ Klingon Bird-of-Prey repair Manual on Qo’noS

Klingon Bird-of-Prey Manual I.K.S. Rotarran (B'rel-class)
06 Nov 2012
Rick Sternbach and Ben Robinson
Out Now

Qo'noSDaq tugh tlhIngan toQDuj tI'meH paqchaj ngevchoH 'e' maqta' “Haynes”

Haynes has announced that it will release their Klingon Bird-of-Prey Manual on the Klingon home planet of Qo'noS.

veSDujvetlh peghmey 'ang paq'e'. qaStaHvIS tera' jar wa'maH wa', DIvI' Hol chovnatlh lulIngmoHlu' 'ej ngugh luje'laH DIvI' nganpu'. 'ach juHqo'chajDaq tlhIngan Hol chovnatlh luje'laH je Qo'noS nganpu' DaH net maq. tI'meH paqmey'e' lumughlu'pu'bogh tlhIngan Hol lo'lu'taHvIS, Qo'noSDaq wa'DIch 'oH.

The manual, which uncovers the secrets to the warship, published in English in November and will now become the first manual to be translated into Klingon and distributed on their home planet of Qo'noS.

jatlh tlhIngan Qang'a' Martaq:

Klingon High Chancellor Martok says:

«Hem tlhIngan Segh 'ej maquvqu' je. veSDujvam tI'meH paq lIngbe'pu'mo' “Haynes,” nughmaj tIchqu'lu'bej jay'. 'ach Do' tlhIngan yejquv qepDaq yInraj luchoqlu'ta' 'e' wIwuq. ghowuqHa'moHQo'.»

“We Klingons are a proud and honourable race and it was an affront to our people that Haynes had not produced a manual for our warship. Following a meeting of the High Council we have decided to spare your lives for now.”

jatlh “Jeremy Yates-Round,” “Haynes Publishing” vu'bogh ra'wI':

Jeremy Yates-Round, Managing Director at Haynes Publishing says:

«tlhIngan toQDuj tI'meH paq tlhIngan Hol chovnatlh wIlIngta'mo' maQuchqu' maH. yuQmaj Sanglu' 'e' wIbotmeH 'ut wanI'vam 'e' wIHar.»

“We are thrilled to publish the Klingon version of the Klingon Bird-of-Prey Manual, we feel it was a necessary step to prevent the destruction of our planet.”

tera'Daq Hol'e' lujatlhqu' wa'maH cha' nuvpu' net noH. 'ach qaStaHvIS tera' DIS 1985, “The Klingon Dictionary” (tlhIngan Hol mu'ghom) qonlu'ta', 'ej DaH Hol pab'e', Hol chut'e', Hol mu'tay''e' je loQ Sov cha''uy' vaghbIp DIvI' nganpu' net noH. wIlyam SeQpIr lutmey, “Bible” je mughlu'meH Holvam qu' lo'lu'ta'.

The language is spoken fluently by around a dozen people on Earth, but following the publication of The Klingon Dictionary in 1985 around 250,000 people have a basic grasp of the language’s grammar, syntax and vocabulary. The works of William Shakespeare and even parts of the Bible have been translated into the guttural language.

paqvam nung “U.S.S. Enterprise Manual”'e' (U.S.S. 'entepray' tI'meH paq'e'); qaStaHvIS tera' DIS 2010 lInglu'ta' 'oH, 'ej Qapla' Doj chav.

The release follows the huge success of the U.S.S. Enterprise Manual which was released in 2010.

You can visit the Haynes Bird of Prey website at to view sample pages and download free, Klingon desktops.

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