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Pass your MoT with expert advice from Haynes

05 September 2012

Over 10 million cars fail their MoTs every year, but many of these are due to minor faults that could be fixed within minutes, says Haynes Editorial Director Matthew Minter.

The latest stats from VOSA (the government agency which administers the test) show that nearly half of all MoT failures could be avoided by checking tyre condition and pressure, ensuring light bulbs are working, and maintaining mirrors, wipers and washers.

Haynes manuals have been helping motorists perform these simple tasks and many more for over 50 years and has now launched its top 50 car and motorcycle manuals online, so you can now access service and repair information on your PC, laptop or smart phone.

Matthew Minter, Editorial Director, Haynes Publishing says:

‘Around 40% of cars fail their MoTs at the first attempt and the amount of time and money wasted on a re-test can be extremely frustrating for a driver. Half of those failures were due to problems that are very straightforward to resolve, so follow these simple steps to increase your chances of passing first time.’

1. Check the lights

Nearly a third of all fails are due to lighting faults. Checking the light bulbs before going for the MoT is easy to do. Replacement bulbs are cheap enough and you can change them yourself if you have the relevant Haynes manual.

2. Checking your tyres for damage and pressure

10% of MoT fails are due to tyre problems. Use a tread depth gauge to check the amount of tread remaining; the legal minimum is 1.6mm, although it is better to fit new tyres well before that depth is reached. Check that the tyre pressures are correct and that the tyres do not have cuts, bulges or other signs of damage.

3. Check and resolve any issues with ‘driver's view of the road’

The ‘driver's view of the road’ includes areas like windscreen wiper blades and mirrors. Windscreen wiper blades should be replaced if they show signs of damage or if they have been in use for over a year. You should also take a good look at the windscreen and mirrors. Large chips in the windscreen in the driver’s field of view will result in failure, but small stone chips are okay. Rear view mirrors must be adjustable and in good condition, and you should also make sure that you top up the screen wash reservoir and check for correct operation before going for your test.

For more information on getting through the MoT visit Getting Through the MoT.

The new Manuals Online include all the content from the printed manuals with the additional benefits of a glossary of terms, searchable menus and quick links. The car manuals also include ‘how-to’ videos.

Source: VOSA corporate report

Rank%System128.6Lighting & signalling217.9Brakes316.9Suspension410.0Tyres59.4Driver's view of the road67.2Fuel & exhaust73.4Steering82.1Seat belts91.9Body & stducture101.3Reg plates & VIN110.5Wheels120.1Towbars

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