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Owners Workshop Manual: Toddler Manual

Post-baby to Pre-School: The practical step-by-step guide to coping with toddlers
Dr Ian Banks
March 2008

Following the publication of the Haynes Man manual, the Haynes Woman manual and the Haynes Sex manual, the Haynes Baby Manual was born. Now it's time for Toddler - the Haynes Owners Workshop Manual for post-baby to pre-school aged children. Aimed mainly at men, for whom practical systematic guides to toddlers are thin on the ground, Toddler is a parenting book which treats the father as a vital part of the family.

It tells both parents what to expect during the years between their toddler getting out of nappies, going to nursery classes, and attending primary school. The author, Dr Ian Banks, has written many best-selling manuals for Haynes as well as the NHS Direct Health Care Guide and is a practising doctor and father of four. His style, in keeping with all Haynes manuals, is straightforward, down-to-earth and eminently practical.

For dads, communicating with their child can be difficult and Dr Banks recognises this. He writes: Not talking regularly to a baby will make them fretful when you do, which can set up a vicious cycle where the father's attempts at communication are met with crying which discourages him from trying again, which makes it even worse the next time he does try.

Do not worry, in Toddler, there is much advice about talking and child development in general and Dr Banks suggests: Gently pushing them with vocabulary can start at an early age. It's really important that you talk to children not just about concrete things but about subtler concepts.

Child development is covered comprehensively in 'What to expect', and there are further chapters dealing with disabilities and ailments, feeding and potty training, childcare and the work/family balance, holidays and safety as well as useful reference information.

To complement the text, there are many illustrations and cartoons, together with a plethora of facts, myths and tips. Where else (apart from bitter experience) would you learn such gems as "Never ask a toddler to hold an egg"? There are also flow charts to help determine whether an illness or symptom is trivial or potentially serious.

As with the other manuals in the growing health series from Haynes (Man, Woman, Teenager, Sex, Dad, Baby, Brain, HGV, Cancer and Alcohol), Toddler equips the reader with all they need to know and is an invaluable addition to every growing family.

Although Toddler draws on practical experience, unlike the world-renowned car, van and motorcycle manuals from Haynes in which vehicles are fully dismantled, no children were taken apart for this new book! Recognising the valuable work of charities concerned with the welfare of children, Haynes will donate 50p, shared equally between CLIC Sargent (which cares for children with cancer) and Children's Hospice South West, for every copy of Toddler sold.

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