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New Yamaha 125 Haynes Manual

Out Now
Book Number: 4797

Introduced in 2005 to fill the 125cc gap in its line-up (the long-running SR125 having been discontinued in 2003), Yamaha's YBR125 road bike was economical, uncomplicated and reliable. MCN said about it: Not the most stylish kid on the block but, as budget, basic learners go, the Yamaha YBR125 offers pretty good value for money.

The same publication gave it four out of five stars for value, a rating matched by owners of the zippy little machines. Yamaha eschewed the high-tech route chosen by other motorcycle makers for their 125cc models and chose a four-stroke, air-cooled engine with a Mikuni carburettor. Styling was understated too, except for the two sister XT models - built in Italy rather than Japan where the road bike is manufactured. The XT125R had 'enduro' styling similar to the larger engined XT660R while the XT125X had 'supermotard' styling, with 17-inch wheels, smooth tyres and sharper steering geometry. In 2008 there was the YBR125 Custom with revised styling and lots of chrome, which used the fuel injected engine now fitted to the standard YBR model.

Again to quote MCN: Things rarely go wrong with Yamaha YBR125s but, if they do, parts are inexpensive and easy to find plus the Yamaha YBR125 is simple to work on yourself, saving even more money.

The £14.99 price of the new Yamaha YBR125 & XT125R/X Haynes Manual will soon be recovered from savings on straightforward DIY maintenance tasks such as brake pad swaps, oil changes and spark plug replacement.

Indeed, this new Yamaha YBR125 & XT125R/X Haynes Service and Repair Manual will help you get the most from your Yamaha in several ways. The Manual provides information on routine maintenance and servicing and advises on diagnosis and rectification when random faults occur. It will help you decide what work needs be done - whether by yourself or by a dealer. You may do simpler jobs more quickly than booking the motorcycle into a dealer. Perhaps most importantly, using this Haynes Manual to do work yourself saves money by avoiding the costs a dealer must charge to cover its labour and overheads.

The manual has illustrations and descriptions to show the function of the various components so that their layout can be understood. Tasks are described and photographed in a clear step-by-step sequence with details of any special tools required and a complexity rating given. There are sections on pre-ride checks and routine maintenance and instructions for straightforward tasks such as checking fluid levels and filter changes, plus repair information such as clutch plate renewal and engine overhaul.

This new Haynes manual covers the following models:

Yamaha YBR125 models:  ED20052009Custom20082009Yamaha XT125 models:  R 2005 2009X Supermoto20052009

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