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New student manual shows students how to get the most for their money as university fees take a hike

Student Manual The complete guide to university life
25th June 2012
James Thornhill
5th July 2012

Record numbers of students are dropping out of university within the first year – 2011 saw a 13% increase to over 30,000*. Anxiety over debt and disillusionment with university life often cause young people to have second thoughts. So, how can students make sure they survive that first year? And how can parents best prepare their offspring for university life? The new Haynes Student Manual is a good place to start.

As universities start charging the new higher course fees for the first time this September, students will need to manage their money more than ever, and learn how to get the most out of their lectures and tutorials. The Student Manual explains the new loan system, covers how to get your first bank account and includes a guide to what the different banks have on offer. It shows how to live on a budget and – most importantly – what to do if you get into financial trouble.

Written by James Thornhill, founder of the National Student magazine, the Student Manual is presented in a fresh and accessible style. Every aspect of student life is covered, from the essential dos and don’ts of Fresher’s Week to making new friends and keeping hold of the old ones.

With the higher fees, students will understandably have higher expectations of their course and want to get the most out of their time at university. The Student Manual explains what lecturers want and gives tips on presentations, revision, essays and dissertations.

For many students their first task before starting term will be to find somewhere to live. The Student Manual gives detailed advice on how to find accommodation without being ripped off, describes renting nightmares and offers advice on how to avoid them. Maintenance tips, insurance information and how to get back housing deposits are all covered.

With students living on a tight budget health will be a concern for many parents, who envisage their offspring surviving on a diet of takeaways. The Student Manual includes advice on how to cook simple, healthy, low-cost recipes. It also covers a range of other essential health information including sex issues, stress-busting techniques and alcohol and drug advice.

For students reaching the end of their course there is information on preparing a CV, interview tips and information on internships and jobs.

The Author

James Thornhill has more than 10 years’ experience in the youth media market and in 2002 founded The National Student magazine, which is now also published online. He works for the Big Choice Group as editor of their online content in the student and graduate career sections.

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