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New Kawasaki manual

Maintaining the legend...
Out Now
Book Number: 4742

As with many of the vehicles they cover, Haynes manuals inevitably move from current to legendary status as models are developed and replaced. So it is with manual number 3541 - covering the Kawasaki ZX-6R. A new Haynes manual - number 4742 - has been launched for owners of the generation of ZX-6R machines sold in the UK between 2003 and 2006.

Haynes manuals have a reputation every bit as enviable as that of Kawasaki. Indeed, Haynes manuals for cars and motorcycles are so popular that 150 million have been sold worldwide. That's more than all the motorcycles in America.

When Kawasaki launched the next generation ZX-6R in 2003, the B-model, the frame and engine were new, there was fuel injection for the first time on a modern Kawasaki and upside down forks. Radially mounted brake calipers, à la MotoGP, were a class first. However, the 636cc engine capacity made it ineligible for racing so Kawasaki produced an RR version with an even more over-square 600cc motor, close-ratio gearbox, slipper clutch and provision to adjust the swinging arm pivot position. There was also a full-on race kit with programmable engine management electronics.

To hard-core Kawasaki riders, this was a return to a real Kawasaki. It looked and sounded aggressive and felt better the harder you rode it.

This new Haynes manual covers the following models:

ZX-6R models:  ZX636B636cc2003 to 2004ZX636C636cc2005 to 2006ZX-6RR models:  ZX600K599cc2003ZX600M599cc2004ZX600N599cc2005 to 2006

In the manual important pre-ride checks and routine maintenance are dealt with as well as more major repairs. And as with all Haynes manuals, to gather this information a Kawasaki ZX-6R was completely dismantled and then re-assembled. Only by doing this is Haynes able to give comprehensive instructions for overhauling the engine, transmission, brakes, suspension and electrical system - complemented by numerous illustrations.

Not only are the instructions accurate but also there are details about the tools required for each job, and its complexity, plus HAYNES TIPS for saving time and money.

Wiring diagrams, fault-finding charts and an explanation of technical terms are among the subjects covered in the reference pages.

The information on this page is supplied courtesy of Haynes Publishing, please credit accordingly if you intend to use it. For more information or to request a review copy please contact Spirit PR on 0117 944 1415 or email Haynes PR

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