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New Haynes Kawasaki Z750 (2004 to '08) and Z1000 (2003 to '08) manual

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Book Number: 4762

The Z750 and Z1000 models from Kawasaki epitomise the 'naked' bike concept yet are very different. The larger engined machine revs like a racer, looks mean and evokes memories of Kawasaki's original Z1. By contrast, the Z750 offers good value within the middleweight class and is an excellent choice for a newly qualified or born-again biker. Both models were substantially redesigned for 2007.

Haynes, the world renowned publisher of manuals for everything from cars and motorcycles to washing machines and babies, has released a new book to complement perfectly ownership of either of these Kawasaki models. Whether you want to undertake routine maintenance, troubleshooting or major overhauls, the Haynes Manual has it covered. That's why more than 150 million Haynes manuals have been sold worldwide - enough to lay edge-to-edge completely around the Earth.

This new Haynes manual covers the following models:

ZR750 models: J12004J22005J62006L7/M72007L8/M82008ZR1000 models: A12003A22004A32005A62006B7/C72007B8/C82008

As with all Haynes manuals, examples of the Z750 and Z1000 were completely dismantled and then re-assembled, with over 1100 photographs generated. Only by doing this is Haynes able to give comprehensive instructions for overhauling the engine, transmission, brakes, suspension and electrical system - complemented by numerous drawings and illustrations. Haynes Manuals are written from practical experience and the accurate instructions are complemented by details about any special tools required and the job's complexity. In addition, there are Haynes tips for saving time and money. Wiring diagrams, fault-finding charts and an explanation of technical terms are among the subjects covered in the reference pages.

The information on this page is supplied courtesy of Haynes Publishing, please credit accordingly if you intend to use it. For more information or to request a review copy please contact Spirit PR on 0117 944 1415 or email Haynes PR

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