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New books released as Lancasters embark on historic journey

02 Sept 2014
4 September 2014

For the first time in 50 years the last two airworthy Lancaster bombers are flying over Britain this summer and Haynes Manuals are publishing Lancaster: The Inside Story to celebrate.

The Lancaster is most famous for the Dambusters raids in 1943, when 19 Lancaster bombers attack German dams with Sir Barnes Wallis's 'bouncing bombs'.

The heavy bomber is the most iconic to ever wear the markings of the Royal Air Force and this new book looks at the pivotal role the plane played in the winning the second World War.

The hardback contains over 70 illustrations of the Lancaster and includes cutaways giving the reader a chance to see in minute detail exactly why the Lancaster was such a unique and successful aircraft.

A second book; Spitfire: The Inside Story remembers the most famous fighter plane in the world. Instantly recognisable, the Spitfire played a key role in winning the Battle of Britain, and is ingrained in British hearts and minds along with its brave pilots for the role it played throughout World War 2.

The book investigates the role that the Spitfire played with illustrations that gives the reader the inside story of what made the Spitfire so special.

The author

After working as an aircraft engineer in the RAF for 23 years, David Curnock has gone on to write a number of aviation titles including: Little Book of Flight, The Royal Air Force – The Memorabilia Collection, Little Book of Concorde, RAF Aircraft of WWII and Heroes of the Skies.

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