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Money Worries Top Retirement Concerns

Retirement Manual Mid-life onwards
01 August 2012
Stuart Turner
Stuart Turner

Money worries top the list of concerns about retirement, beating fears about poor physical health, according to a survey¹ for the manuals publisher Haynes to mark the publication of its new Retirement Manual in August.

To help people navigate their way through mid-life onwards, the Retirement Manual is a step-by-step guide, which addresses the concerns revealed by the survey by offering advice on everything from financial planning to good health.

The survey revealed that more than a third of the 500 people questioned, from across the UK and aged 55+, considered money to be their main anxiety in retirement. Over a quarter cited poor physical health, which is also covered in the Retirement Manual, focussing on a preventative approach from the middle years onwards.

Despite this, 50 percent of those surveyed said that ‘seeing the world’ was on their ‘bucket list’ of things they wanted to do before they ‘kicked the bucket’.

Other things which topped the bucket list were meeting grandchildren and seeing them grow up, providing for family and writing a book. An intriguing nine percent said they wanted to ‘take revenge’.

The Haynes Retirement Manual offers ways to save and make money as increasing numbers of people are entering retirement in debt with 24 percent of the retired holding unsecured debt².

The guide provides information on changing electricity supplier or renting out a room. It encourages readers to share their talents by public speaking or giving private tuition, along with the benefits of volunteering and travel.

A chapter on modern technology gets to grips with mobile phones and computers and covers subjects such as social media, Skype and viruses.

The manual looks at health issues in detail, along with information on living with relatives, becoming a carer and being cared for, retirement homes and home aids.

Legal issues, wills, power of attorney and funeral preparations, like the rest of the manual, are written with a positive and sometimes humorous approach. With the addition of some great cartoons this makes the Retirement Manual an entertaining but informative read.

The Author

Stuart Turner, now retired, had a successful career in motorsport, running the BMC team when Mini Coopers were winning Monte Carlo Rallies and later as Ford's head of motorsport for Europe. He is still heavily involved in the sport through helping to run the charity, the Motorsport Safety Fund. He is an accomplished speaker and winner of a Benedictine After Dinner Speaker of the Year Award.

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