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The manual that all men knead in their lives

New manual from Haynes offers practical tips for budding bakers
Andrew Webb
Men’s Baking Manual
978 0 85733 833 4

This year’s Great British Bake Off may now be over, but that won’t stop millions of ambitious amateurs from donning their aprons to emulate their favourite star bakers. And with two men in this year’s Bake Off final, research suggests strong numbers of men are taking up the hobby - with over a quarter of men now baking from scratch at least once a week . In response, publisher Haynes has launched the Men’s Baking Manual, specifically aimed at helping men to grasp baking’s basics and go on to produce creations that Paul Hollywood himself would be proud of. The manual joins its brother title the Men’s Pie Manual released in 2014, both written by food journalist and baking lover Andrew Webb, and begins by offering a practical, technique-led guide to mastering the essentials. It includes tools of the trade, an introduction to key ingredients, and a walk-though of crucial techniques such as making different types of pastry, kneading dough, tempering chocolate and making meringues.

The 184-page manual also takes readers through a series of mouth-watering recipes for sweet and savoury breads, pies, tarts, biscuits and sweet buns.

Author Andrew Webb, said: “There’s no doubt that baking is in the midst of a renaissance, but the majority of recipe books and other resources out there assume a pre-existing level of technical skill and know-how. But many people, including a growing number of chaps, are starting to take up the hobby and require something a bit different, and a bit more methodical.

“Using the step-by-step approach synonymous with Haynes, the Men’s Baking Manual guides readers through the main techniques that will allow them to tackle the vast majority of classic and contemporary recipes, many of which they’ll have seen on TV and will want to emulate.”

Summary of contents:

  1. Tools of the trade
    Includes how to look after your kitchen, kit and other utensils, correct oven use, key ingredients and proving.
  2. The basic techniques
    Includes making and kneading bread, making cake, making pastry and tempering chocolate.
  3. Savoury breads
    Includes recipes for sourdough, brioche burger buns and classic Italian breads.
  4. Sweet breads and cakes
    Includes recipes for Victoria sponge, scones, fruit cakes and traditional parkin.
  5. Pies, tarts and flans
    Includes recipes for fruit pies, treacle tart, key lime pie and tart Tatin.
  6. Biscuits, sweets, buns and small cakes
    Includes recipes for shortbread, hot cross buns, brownies and giant man-sized oat biscuits.
  7. Troubleshooting
    Includes tips on overcoming non-rising cakes, gritty chocolate and other common baking problems.


The Men’s Baking Manual’s author, Andrew Webb, is available for further interview – please request though McCann PR.

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