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Manchester United – Those Were The Games

A perfect Christmas present for Dad
6 December 2012
Ivan Ponting
Out Now

Struggling to think of a present for the man who has everything? This new Haynes book could be the answer. Manchester United – Those Were The Games looks back at the rich history of England’s most successful club through a fascinating selection of archive photographs.

No football club in Britain, arguably none in the world, has a heritage to compare with that of Manchester United. The history of the Old Trafford institution comprises a matchlessly rich pageant of sporting endeavour, studded with seismic events and populated by a colourful cast of characters, including many of the finest players the game has ever known.

They forged their reputations in a cavalcade of unforgettable contests stretching back more than a century, and the cream of these are captured between the covers of Manchester United – Those Were The Games. By dipping into the encyclopaedic archives of the Daily Mirror, the pulsating European encounters, the serial title triumphs and the heroic FA Cup campaigns are all restored vividly to life through authentic match reports and atmospheric photographs to create a unique treasury of the Red Devils’ achievements.

Of course, it has not been all glory for United and Manchester United – Those Were The Games also encompasses stark tragedy, covering games in the immediate wake of the Munich air disaster of 1958, in which 23 people lost their lives, including eight of manager Matt Busby’s vivacious Babes. There were times, too, when the very future of the club was in doubt as the money ran out, others when the Old Trafford faithful were subjected to the misery of relegation, and still more when they were stunned by unexpected defeat.

It’s all here in a cornucopia of football action. If you love Manchester United, and you want to hang on to your most precious memories, you simply can’t be without Manchester United – Those Were The Games.

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