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Land Rover Defender

Includes Ninety and One Ten Models
Martin & Simon Hodder
Out Now

No vehicle is as instantly recognizable as a Land Rover Defender, nothing else has the same reputation for no-nonsense toughness, and there's no match for it when it comes to off-roading. Here we tell the Defender's story, revel in its reputation and enthuse about its capabilities. We advise on buying, running, modifying and enjoying these iconic vehicles.

Land Rover Defender is an updated version of the successful You & Your Land Rover Ninety, One Ten & Defender by the same author. Covering history, buying, owning and modifying, this edition has been updated and extended to cover the TD5 and Puma engines, as well as other developments. New material, new pictures and a fresh design make Land Rover Defender a fine addition to the Haynes Enthusiast Guide Series and an invaluable reference for Land Rover owners and prospective owners alike.

The Land Rover Defender is one of the world's truly iconic vehicles, epitomizing toughness, versatility and go-anywhere capability. It carries the genes of the first Land Rover of 1948 yet, in its latest form, employs the very best of today's automotive technology. Like those first Land Rovers produced amid the harsh austerity of post-war Britain, the Defender has always been built to do a job of work. In short, it's a vehicle with a mission.

Since the original incarnation of Defender first hit our roads in 1983, it has become ever more popular as a machine for everyday use. Comfort levels have grown, performance has improved and refinement has reached new levels, yet one crucial aspect has not changed - the Defender remains the world's best off-road vehicle.

Land Rover Defender explains and celebrates this multi-faceted appeal, with informative words and compelling images covering all aspects of the Defender; from its evolution to the very latest high-tech models, with key information on engine and interior changes. Off-road and on-road capabilities are detailed, with information on taking Defenders beyond the high levels provided off the shelf by Land Rover. For existing enthusiasts and would-be owners this is the Defender book to have.

The authors

Martin and Simon Hodder are a father and son team with a passion for all things Land Rover, and their enthusiasm creates a book that is fascinating and compelling, yet informative and authoritative. Martin has been a Land Rover enthusiast since the early 1960s and has owned a wide assortment of these vehicles, including 88-inch, Ninety turbo and One Ten V8 'utilities' while Simon, who has carried out the update for this new edition, is co-owner and joint editor of Land Rover Enthusiast magazine.

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