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Klingons prepare for Klingmas

Klingon Bird-of- Prey Owners’ Workshop Manual
11 December 2012
Rick Sternbach & Ben Robinson
Out Now

Klingmas is a time when Klingon families come together, sing festive songs, drink bloodwine, and swear to bring down the Federation.

After the first Klingon wedding, in London earlier this year, many Klingons will be celebrating Klingmas across Earth, strange new worlds and beyond.

Just like human life forms, Klingons will celebrate with music and a popular Klingon favourite is ’Twas the Night Before Klingmas:

’Twas the night before Klingmas and all through the Great House,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a Gagh (a serpent worm that is eaten by Klingons while still alive)

Stockings were hung by the laser beam with care,

In the hope that High Chancellor Martok soon would be there…

They will also enjoy giving and receiving gifts and after years of waiting, Klingons everywhere can now get their claw-gloved hands on the Klingon Bird-of- Prey Manual.

The manual, which uncovers the secrets to the warship, includes an introduction from High Chancellor Martok, detailed deck plans and a Klingon dictionary.

High Chancellor Martok has welcomed the release of the book. He says:

«Hem tlhIngan Segh 'ej maquvqu' je. veSDujvam tI'meH paq lIngbe'pu'mo' “Haynes,” nughmaj tIchqu'lu'bej jay'. 'ach Do' tlhIngan yejquv qepDaq yInraj luchoqlu'ta' 'e' wIwuq. ghowuqHa'moHQo'.»

“We Klingons are a proud and honourable race and it was an affront to our people that Haynes had not produced a manual for our warship. Following a meeting of the High Council we have decided to spare your lives for now.”

You can visit the Haynes Klingon Bird of Prey website at where you can download page samples and stunning Klingon desktops.

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