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How to get the best from your acoustic guitar

Acoustic Guitar Manual How to buy, maintain and set up your acoustic guitar
January 2011
Paul Balmer
4 February 2011

As the acoustic guitar enjoys a resurgence in contemporary music, Haynes is publishing the Acoustic Guitar Manual - a complete guide to buying, setting up and maintaining a rich variety of acoustic guitars.

Many rock and pop guitarists begin their playing on an acoustic guitar and the advent of MTV's Unplugged and improvements in acoustic amplification mean this once poor relation has returned to centre stage in the guitar world.

The easy-to-use Acoustic Guitar Manual explains in detail how to get the best from most popular types of acoustic guitar, including an Amalia Ramírez classic, a modern 'flamenco', a fabulous '12-fret' Martin Dreadnought, an 'Eric Clapton' 00028, a brilliant 'Belleville' Gypsy Jazz, and an historic Lloyd Loar Gibson L5, providing a unique insight into their varied design, construction and maintenance.

Thirteen detailed case studies examine the care and maintenance of range of acoustics, and unique 'videoscope' photography reveals the inner details of 10 very different guitars. Author Paul Balmer also provides a detailed account of the work involved in the restoration of his rare 1930s 'Robert Johnson' Kalamazoo KG14.

Coverage includes:

  • Buying the right acoustic guitar for your needs
  • Know your acoustic guitar
  • Setting up and tuning
  • Repairs, maintenance and adjustments
  • Thirteen case studies
  • Acoustic amplification options

The Author

Paul Balmer has played, adjusted and maintained acoustic guitars for over 50 years and continues to enjoy their variety and very individual character. He is the author of five other titles in the Haynes Guitar Manual series, including:

  • Fender Stratocaster Manual
  • Gibson Les Paul Manual
  • Fender Telecaster Manual
  • Fender Bass Manual

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