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The Horse Manual

The complete guide to owning a horse or pony
Carolyn Henderson
Out Now

Whether you are learning to ride, are a novice horse owner or a parent with a pony-mad child, The Horse Manual will give you in-depth but easy-to-read guidance on all aspects of horses and horse care. Written in a clear, informative style, it covers everything from different breeds and their characteristics to horse psychology, field and stable management, equipment, feeding, grooming and health.

The Horse Manual combines practical horsemanship with the latest scientific research, all in an accessible form. It is illustrated with a huge range of colour photographs, including many step-by-step sequences.

Areas covered include:

  • Understanding a horse: breeds, colours and markings, conformation and movement, how a horse thinks and how to think like a horse.
  • Caring for a horse: fields and fencing, stables and shelters, bedding, feeding, farriery, grooming, bathing, clipping, shaping manes and tails.
  • Health and first aid: preventive care, common conditions and emergencies, mental health.
  • Tack and equipment: saddles and saddle fitting, bridles, bits and nosebands, protective boots and bandages, rugs.
  • Buying a horse: finding your perfect partner and building a perfect relationship.


Carolyn Henderson has owned, ridden and competed on horses and ponies for many years, and has written many books on the subject. She lives in Suffolk.

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