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Home-Grown Vegetable Manual

Growing and harvesting vegetables in your garden or allotment
Steve Ott
Out Now

Fancy catching a different type of bug this winter? Why not catch the growing bug..

More and more people are discovering the delights of growing their own vegetables, whether in their back garden or on an allotment. There are so many advantages of growing your own: organic vegetables without the price tag, harvesting vegetables at their freshest and most nutritious, not to mention the savings that you will make. So when everyone is cutting back on their spending, what better time to dig out your shovel?

Producing home-grown fresh vegetables hasn't been this popular since the Dig for Victory campaign in the Second World War when growing food was a necessity. Nowadays, even though growing our own isn't essential, many people have taken up the spade for different reasons such as their moral stance on flying our food half way around the world, to being able to choose from a wide variety of vegetables that can not be found in a supermarket.

Whatever your reasons for choosing to grow your own, The Home-Grown Vegetable Manual provides all the information that you need to make your vegetable plot a success. It is an essential reference if you are about to take up the challenge and grow your own for the first time and is equally as useful for experienced gardeners.

Whether you plan to grow a few vegetables in a tub on the patio or take on a full-sized allotment, you will find clear, practical, down-to-earth advice in this book - from finding an allotment and getting to know your soil, to pest control, harvesting, storing and preserving. Other topics covered include essential tools and techniques to save you time and effort, using fertilisers, successful composting and growing veg in a flower garden. In addition, month-by-month reminders and a handy reference to all the most common vegetables you are likely to plant will make sure you get the very best from your plot.

So should you get bitten by the growing bug, The Home-Grown Vegetable Manual will teach you some of the more advanced skills required to extend your growing season and improve your success year after year. You may never be able to grow all your needs, but given a little time, you could be growing significant amounts, and what you do produce will taste so much better than vegetables have ever tasted before.

Steve Ott is a trained horticulturist who spent the first 20 years of his working life as a commercial grower of everything from fruit and vegetables to pot plants. Now a gardening writer, in his spare time Steve looks after his own vegetable patch in his garden in the East Midlands.

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