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Home Extension Manual

The Step-by-Step Guide to Planning, Managing and Building a project
Ian Alistair Rock (Haynes)
March 22, 2007

Just how much do you dread getting the builders in?

If only we all had the supreme ability of Sarah Beeny and Kevin McCloud to confidently manage building projects. But for the rest of us mere mortals, the thought of 'getting in the builders' conjures up unsavoury images of dirt, dust, noise, and hoards of white van men invading our privacy.

We've all heard the horror stories. Inexplicable delays, unfinished work, skyrocketing costs and bizarre excuses. Rogue builders putting you and your family at risk of serious injury. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Whether you plan to employ a building contractor or tackle some of the works yourself, the comprehensive new Haynes Home Extension manual by Chartered Surveyor Ian Rock will show you how to stay firmly in control, resulting in a high-quality extension, completed on time and within budget. From foundations and drainage through to snagging and completion, this step-by-step will cut out the stress and trauma of extending your home.

This easy-to-read manual guides readers through the home extension jungle, each chapter is devoted to a key part of the build, with every stage explained and backed up with hundreds of colour photos showing real building projects as they progress.

You will also find clear professional advice on:

  • How to select good builders
  • Getting the best from Architects, Surveyors and Planners
  • Saving money designing it yourself
  • How to get planning consent - for the extension you really want (and what you can legally build without it)
  • Successful project management
  • How to avoiding cost overruns, delays, injury, and damage
  • Improvements that add value - and those that don't
  • How to get trade discounts buying materials
  • Making big savings employing specialist trades
  • Money-making scams - how to avoid them
  • How to spot bad workmanship - before it gets out of hand

Ian Alistair Rock MRICS is an experienced chartered surveyor and freelance writer who has contributed articles to The Observer, 'Build It' magazine and numerous other publications. Ian has designed and managed home extension projects since the late 1980s. He is director of a chartered surveying consultancy and a well known speaker at property conferences around the country. Following the success of the Haynes Classic House manuals, Ian now shares his extension-building experiences - the good, the bad, and the scary!

For more info:

PLUS: Get started with free downloads from the book's website - sample plans & documents used by the professionals, CAD design software and the full Building Regulations.

Not only will you save money with all the tips and essential advice, but your family and neighbours will thank you for a smoothly run project - and a great new home! This is, quite simply, the most comprehensive home extension guide available to the general public today - don't start work without it!

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