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Haynes unlocks secrets of Colosseum with new manual

2nd May 2018
Nigel Rodgers
Thursday, 19 April, 2018


2nd May 2018: This May, Haynes is unlocking the secrets of one of the Seven Wonders of the World: Rome’s Colosseum. 

Perfect for those who are fascinated by ancient history or simply planning a trip to Rome this summer, Haynes’ Colosseum Operations Manual offers a comprehensive guide on how the greatest of amphitheatres was erected, how it worked and what’s happened to it since the end of the Roman Empire.

Covering over 2,000 years of history, the Colosseum Operations Manual not only looks at the engineering, design and technical side of this impressive piece of architecture, but also digs deep into recent excavations that give a glimpse into its complex underworld. From the day to day life of the gladiators to the logistics of moving huge crowds safely around the seating areas, Haynes’ latest manual unlocks the workings behind the Colosseum and how it functioned when it was still in use.  

Author Nigel Rodgers said: “This manual is a complete examination of a complex and awe-inspiring building which has impressed visitors and historians for centuries.  Not only does it highlight the workings of the Colosseum, but it also goes into detail about the recent restoration of the amphitheatre, especially of the fascinating hypogeum.  The hypogeum was the underground labyrinth from which wild animals, gladiators and even scenery suddenly sprang out. It also details lifts, trapdoors and more that added to the drama and excitement of Rome’s iconic amphitheatre.

“This manual provides an assortment of helpful diagrams and reconstructions, supported by lively and easy to digest text, to give the reader all the facts they might need to truly understand this amazing building and get lost in its fascinating story.”

Lavishly illustrated, the Colosseum Operations Manual includes over 200 photographs of beautiful artwork, fine art and stunning mosaics to bring the story further to life.


Title details

TheColosseum Operations Manual is priced at £22.99 and is available from The book number is H6148. The ISBN is 9781785211485. It is published in May 2018.


About the author 

Nigel Rodgers, who has a degree in History and History of Art from Cambridge University, has written 17 books on subjects ranging from architecture and history to philosophy and travel, which have been translated into 14 languages. Long interested in the ancient world, he has visited Rome many times, most recently to investigate the current renovation programme at the Colosseum. He lives in Wiltshire, almost within sight of Stonehenge.

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