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Haynes takes a road trip with new Van Life manual

17th April 2019
Nigel Donnelly
Thursday, 21 March, 2019


17th April 2019: Longer days have finally arrived, and with it Haynes is gearing up for a summer on the road with a new concise manual on van living, Van Life.

Van Life celebrates our ancient nomadic impulse in its most contemporary form; living in a home on wheels. Whether you have a teardrop caravan for days at the beach or a converted school bus to launch on to the open road, this book will inspire you to live the dream and tells you everything you need to know in one concise manual.

Van Life is the ultimate guide to making purchasing decisions, planning ahead, avoiding pitfalls and making the most of both time and money. The book also looks at the history of the caravan from horse-drawn wagons to state-of-the-art RVs, and how a new generation of digital nomads are redefining life on the road. The book is further brought to life with beautiful photographs and inspirational routes. 

Offering advice on choosing the right van or caravan, where to get it, what to look out for and how to adapt your mobile home, Van Life also details pragmatic but vital considerations such as storage, solo travelling, insurance and licenses. 

Talking about the book, author Nigel Donnelly says: “Fly a thousand miles, you miss a million things along the way. What you passed over may be amazing, but all you’ve seen is clouds through a tiny window. Drive the same distance and it’s completely different. You’re not just travelling, you’re exploring, experiencing, living. You’ll find places and people that even the best guide books don’t know about. Take what you need. Stop when you like. Go wherever you like. That is van life!

“The idea of ‘van life’ is extensively documented on Instagram and Facebook, but there’s a danger that it all looks a bit ‘exclusive’. You don’t need a cool VW and or to live it full-time. And it’s not exclusively for the young and the beautiful. It’s for everyone, from any background and on any budget who wants to leave the static comfort of a roof and four walls and heading off into the unknown, whether for a day, a week or forever. The book is about how to take those first steps and craft your own 'van life'.”

Van Life is one of four titles to be published in Haynes’ new compact ‘Concise’ format. Other new titles available in this format are Sleep, Potato and Clouds. 


Title details

Van Life is priced at £12.99 and available from The book number is H6595 The ISBN is 9781785215957. It is published in April 2019.


About the author

Nigel Donnelly edited Practical Caravan and Practical Motorhome magazine for 14 years, owning various leisure vehicles and trundling all over Europe and beyond in search of self-catered solace. He currently owns a VW camper called Wilma. Sometimes she works. 

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