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Haynes Supports National Oil Check Week


One of the simplest weekly checks on your car could be very expensive if you ignore it. Yet research by oil company Comma shows that 60 per cent of motorists only do it every two months and 10 per cent not at all.

Checking the engine oil level is one of the many simple tasks covered in detail in Haynes Manuals and the company is happy to support National Oil Check Week from 15 June.

Of course, you shouldn't wait until then (or until the warning light comes on!) - see below for how to check the oil level.

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There are other simple weekly checks explained in Haynes Manuals - coolant, brake and power steering fluid levels, washer fluid top-up, tyre pressures, wiper blades and lights. Just a couple of minutes checking these things could save you from a breakdown or an on-the-spot fine.

More complex tasks are covered too. A Haynes Manual will show you how to replace or even rebuild the engine - which is what you might have to do if you neglect the oil level.

Oil Check

Step 1

Make sure your car is on level ground

Step 2

Check the level before the car is driven, or at least five minutes after the engine has been switched off (to avoid a false reading)

Step 3

Open the bonnet and withdraw the dipstick from its tube (the owner's handbook or the Haynes manual for your vehicle will show where it is located)

Step 4

Using a clean rag or paper towel, wipe the oil from the dipstick

Step 5

Insert the clean dipstick back into the tube as far as it will go and then withdraw it again. Note the oil level on the dipstick: it should be between the MAX and MIN marks (for details of the marks see your handbook or manual)

Step 6

If the level is below or only slightly above the MIN mark, topping up is required. The Haynes Manual will show you how to do this and with what specification of oil.

For more advice on model-specific procedures, please refer to the appropriate Haynes Service and Repair Manual. Haynes Manuals retail at £19.99 (hardback) and are available from all good car accessory retailers and bookshops including: Halfords, Motor World and WH Smith. A comprehensive stockist locator can be found at

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