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Haynes moves up a gear with new Road Cycling Manual

13 January 2017
Luke Edwardes-Evans

With road bikes and hybrids outselling the top 10 most popular new car models combined in the UK 2015*, it’s no surprise that Haynes, famed for its car workshop manuals, has now turned its expertise to creating a comprehensive cyclist’s guide to preparing bike and body for the road.

The Haynes Road Cycling Manual, released this January, covers every aspect of modern road cycling from choosing a bike, set-up and fitness training, through to riding techniques and bike maintenance.

The manual is authored by Luke Edwardes-Evans, former editor of Cycling Active and Cycle Sport magazines, who is a keen road cyclist and has done just about everything you can do on a road bike from racing to touring and sportives.

Aimed at new and experienced road cyclists alike, the fully-illustrated manual makes a great companion for anyone looking to start a post-Christmas fitness surge, target a spring sportive, or even emulate the elite riders of the Tour de France!

Adopting Haynes’s famous step-by-step approach, the manual takes the reader through all the types of road cycling, from leisure and commuting to touring and sportives. It covers all the options when choosing and buying a bike, along with all the necessary accessories and clothing. It also provides comprehensive instructions on preparing the bike for a long distance ride, everyday maintenance and upgrading various components.

The manual also looks at the physical and technical side of cycling. From providing advice on getting into shape and what to eat, to bike handling and cornering techniques, it is the ultimate resource for the improving cyclist.

Author Luke Edwardes-Evans said: "Cycling can be a pastime of extremes. A ride of a mile or two will provide health and fitness benefits, while at the other end of the scale there’s almost no limit to how fit you can get from riding for hours, or sometimes days, on end.

"This new Haynes manual has been written with riders of all levels in mind, whether they simply enjoy a leisurely ride on a Sunday afternoon, or want to take things up a level. For beginners, the book aims to eradicate some of those barriers to getting out and riding such as preparing the bike for the road, or knowing what equipment to buy."

The title joins The Bike Book by Haynes, a well-established and popular maintenance manual for all types of bike.

*Source: Cycling UK’s Cycling Statistics 2015 (3.5m bikes sold in 2015, of which 10% road bikes and 26% classic/hybrid) as compared to Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders 2015 car sales report (691,281 sales of UK’s top 10 best-selling models).

About the author

Luke Edwardes-Evans has been writing about cycling for 30 years and is a former editor of Bicycle magazine, Winning Bicycle Racing Illustrated, Cycling Active magazine and Cycle Sport magazine. He is the author of The Advanced Cyclist’s Training Manual and the Official Treasures of the Tour de France. Luke is an enthusiastic road cyclist, and enjoys all aspects of the sport, including racing, sportives, riding in the Alps and touring holidays.

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