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Haynes joins the jet set with new Boeing 707 Manual

15 June 2018
Charles Kennedy
Monday, 21 May, 2018


15th June 2018: 60 years on from when the Boeing 707 embarked on its first commercial flight, Haynes has released a new manual to celebrate this aviation icon, which became the face of passenger air transport in the swinging 60s.

Marking the achievements of this aircraft with the Boeing 707 Owners’ Workshop Manual, author and 707 enthusiast Charles Kennedy gives readers close-up insights into the design, construction and operation of this all-American classic jetliner.

Synonymous with transporting the ‘jet set’ – the rich and famous, movie stars, diplomats, captains of industry – the 707 remained at the forefront of civil aviation into the 1970s, flying to every nation on the planet at some point in its career and doing more than any previous aircraft to bring people together.

Talking about the Boeing 707, Charles comments: “Whilst no longer used for commercial flights, it’s incredible to think that 60 years on from its first flight there are still 707s in military, government, research and VIP service. Perhaps more than any other airliner, the Boeing 707 created the template for what a jet transport should be.

Charles continues: “There are some fascinating facts about the 707 – assuming the average life of a 707 involved flying for 60,000 hours at 500mph, the combined distance flown by all the 707s built equates to about 63,500 return trips to the moon (whilst the moon was about the only place that the 707 didn’t have a scheduled service, interestingly between 1967 and 1971 Pan Am accepted over 93,000 reservations for lunar flights!).

“The aircraft was an incredible engineering triumph and the work of those who designed and built it is still relevant today – a blindfolded Pan Am 707 pilot from the late 1950s would have no problem operating the centre console and overhead panel on a brand new Boeing 737.”

When Boeing created the 707, they created the modern jet age and much of the technology that was invented remains in use on today’s leading edge jets. The Boeing 707 Manual is packed with numerous technical illustrations, photographs and graphics to bring its story truly to life.


Title details

TheBoeing 707 Owners’ Workshop Manual is priced at £25.00 and is available from The book number is H6136. The ISBN is 9781785211362. It is published in June 2018.


About the author

Charles Kennedy is a pilot, musician and a regular features writer for Airliner World, Airways, FlyPast and Aviation News. He is the author of Jetliners of the Red Star, Air3 (with Sam Chui) and DC-8 and the Flying Tiger Line (with Guy Van Herbruggen). Charles has also worked as a tour guide, seeing him visit North Korea 19 times, Iran 10 times and Chernobyl 5 times. Charles lives in London.   


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