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Haynes Home Plumbing Manual - the plumber’s mate on your bookshelf

Home Plumbing
21st June 2012
Andy Blackwell
Out Now

Plumbers can get a bad press - renowned for being expensive and never available. But with the new Haynes Home Plumbing Manual by Andy Blackwell you might never have to call one out again and you could save yourself hundreds of pounds.

In these days of austerity we’re all under pressure to save money. So what could be better than a manual priced at half the cost of an average plumber’s call-out fee? Just fixing something as simple as a dripping tap will more than pay for the manual. Take on your own bathroom project and you could save £600. Fit a new en-suite and sort out that problem with the central heating and you could be £1000 better off.

So how does the Home Plumbing Manual differ from other plumbing manuals? Well it’s not written by someone who used to plumb, or taught plumbing or read lots of complicated books about plumbing. It’s written by a working full-time professional plumber. As such it talks about plumbing as it really is, so whilst the manual does describe toilets with handles and taps with washers it also includes toilets with buttons and the washer-less taps that now reside in most homes.

The manual takes a step-by-step no nonsense approach to the real problems you might encounter and how to overcome them, together with hundreds of tips garnered over the years. Armed with this information you can undertake a plumbing project with far more confidence, in the sure and certain knowledge that you’ll complete it far, far drier.

Of course not everyone wants to take up a spanner and a blow torch. Even if you are not into DIY just reading the first few chapters will give you all the knowledge required to stop a household drama turning into crisis and reduce the odds of returning home from holiday only to discover the neighbour’s children white-water rafting down your staircase.

Hardly a day goes by without some mention of green technologies or carbon footprints in the media. The final chapter of the Home Plumbing manual explains the latest ‘green’ and ‘alternative fuel’ technologies, discussing how they work, what to look out for and just how green they are. Plus, the manual is backed up with an accompanying on-line blog by the author where the latest gadgets and grants will be discussed.

Andy Blackwell says: “Most home owners give their plumbing little or no regard, which is surprising when you consider that a home without water, sanitation and central heating is little more than a cave – albeit a cave with electricity, double glazing and fluffy cushions. Fortunately, the odds of all your plumbing failing simultaneously are very small but there’s no doubt all home owners will encounter plumbing problems at some stage and this manual is an essential piece of kit. “

The Author

Andy Blackwell is a director, full-time plumber and gas engineer with A1 Perfect Plumbing Ltd based near Grantham. The fact that he wasn’t always a plumber and, ten years ago, barely knew one end of a spanner from another not only proves that anyone can learn to plumb but also gives him a better insight into the worries and knowledge gaps of the average homeowner and DIY enthusiast. The result is a manual that can guide the homeowner through the miasma of modern plumbing and leave them feeling knowledgeable and confident enough to undertake most domestic plumbing tasks without the fear that they’ll be crossing the living room by canoe afterwards.

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