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Haynes hits the hay with new concise manual on sleep

17th April 2019
Dr Sandi Mann
Thursday, 21 March, 2019


17th April 2019: In a 24/7 world characterized by constant activity, sleep is a much-coveted enterprise. As a society, we seem to be obsessed by sleep and whether we are getting enough (and how to get more). In response, Haynes has this month launched a new concise manual, Sleep, to promote a healthier mindset and help change our attitudes to snoozing.

Haynes’ latest book uncovers the science of sleep and offers an insight into how human sleeping habits have changed over the years. Sleep dispels the paranoia and anxieties that exacerbate or even create problems, and helps achieve well-adjusted attitudes towards getting some shuteye.  

The new smaller manual format contains easy-to-understand explanations of the science, psychology and function of sleep and offers help and advice on how healthy mental attitudes can alleviate sleeping anxiety. 

Speaking about the new book, author and sleep expert Dr Sandi Mann, says: “I wrote this book hoping to help those who struggle at bedtime to understand how our day lives impact our sleeping lives, and how to manage and relearn how to sleep. Instead of worrying about trying to get sleep, this book focuses on helping you to relax on the basis that it is better to be awake and relaxed than awake and stressed. Part of this is learning to cope without sleep sometimes so that you stop investing so much in the desperate need to sleep.

“We have access to round-the-clock television and radio, and unlimited entertainment via the internet. We also seem to have endless worries and angst. Is it any wonder, then, that it is becoming harder to stop this never-ending activity, either in our heads or outside it, in order to rest? 

“We need to change our attitudes to sleep, stop obsessing about how much we get and what’s keeping us awake, and revert back to the natural wake-sleep pattern that we were born with. You can have all the gadgets and special pillows you want, but if you’re not relaxed, you won’t sleep.” 

The book contains top sleep tips and wind-down exercises based on informed choices and healthy routines. Sleep also offers readers a waking diary, relaxation techniques, coping strategies, and natural sleeping aids to help you achieve peaceful, stress-free nights.  

Sleep is one of four titles to be published in Haynes’ new compact ‘Concise’ format. Other new titles available in this format are Van Life, Potato and Clouds. 


Some interesting facts on sleep from the author include: 

  • Human society as we know it is about 6,000 years old. For 5,800 of those years – people often had two sleeps of about 4 hours each.
  • According to the Royal Society for Public health, the average Briton gets 6.8 hours of sleep per night.
  • Studies suggest that we are getting 1-2 hours’ less sleep now than we did 60 years ago.
  • According to researchers in 2012, we really can solve problems by ‘sleeping on it’.
  • More than 30% of the medical problems doctors are presented with are said to stem directly or indirectly from lack of sleep.
  • Your phone really can give you jet lag. 
  • People in richer countries tend to get more sleep than those in poorer countries.
  • Richer people tend to get more sleep than the less well off.
  • Nearly a third of adults aged between 18-33 say they can’t sleep because they are worried about things they have to do.


Title details

Sleep is priced at £12.99 and available from The book number is H6613 The ISBN is 9781785216138. It is published in April 2019.


About the author

Dr Sandi Mann is a sleep expert, senior university lecturer in psychology, and runs a sleep clinic in Manchester, the MindTraining Clinic. She is the author of over 20 self-help books and blogs for the Huffington Post. 

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