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Haynes heads to infinity and beyond with new Universe Owners’ Workshop Manual

28th February 2019
David M Harland
Thursday, 21 February, 2019


28th February 2019: From sending a probe to visit an asteroid, having a rover discover organic compounds on Mars, investigating dark matter in deep space, and sighting the oldest star, 2018 saw some highly significant space discoveries. Now Haynes brings together the many fascinating studies of our universe, from the earliest of times to today’s cutting-edge discoveries.

The Universe Owners’ Workshop Manual discusses the discoveries and fierce competition between eminent scientists, and also looks at the knowledge, genius and fallibility of figures such as William Herschel, Henrietta Leavitt, Harlow Shapley and Albert Einstein. The book also looks at developments in optical telescopes, radio telescopes, X-ray telescopes and a variety of satellite instruments that have enabled us to look further into distant galaxies.

The extensively illustrated digestible text also looks at Edwin Hubble’s work on galaxies and his discovery that they are racing away from each other, Einstein’s theory of relativity, the theories on supermassive black holes in the cores of galaxies and how they power quasars, how dark matter dominates the matter in the universe, and how dark energy dictates the fate of the universe and raises perplexing possibilities of infinity. 

Talking about the Universe Owners’ Workshop Manual, author Dr David M Harland said: “It seemed fitting to launch my latest title at a time when new and peculiar discoveries like the Oumuamua asteroid have caught the public imagination. Collectively, the book explains the origin and evolution of the universe at large, the processes by which planetary systems form, and the chances of life being ubiquitous beyond our own planet. 

“In recent years, we have discovered that there are systems of planets orbiting other stars, and that our system is not typical. The search is on for a star which has an Earth-like planet whose atmosphere is ‘out of equilibrium’ in a manner that is indicative of life.

“If life is ubiquitous and there are alien civilisations out there, how might we detect them? Might the Oumuamua be their first interstellar visitor to our solar system?”

The manual is a fascinating exploration of the astonishing complexities of the universe, and offers a glimpse at how much we still have to learn about why and how it exists, and also our place within it.

The Universe Owners’ Workshop Manual is the latest to join the growing range of Haynes space manuals that include the Astronomy, Earth, Moon and Mars.


Title Details

The Universe Owners’ Workshop Manual is available from priced at £22.99. The book number is H6209. The ISBN is 9781785212093. It is published in March 2019.


About the author

David M Harland has written extensively about space topics, with three-dozen books to his name. These include the highly regarded Exploring the Moon: The Apollo Expeditions, The First Men on the Moon: The Story of Apollo 11, and Apollo 12 on the Ocean of Storms. In addition, he is author of the Haynes Moon Manual and Mars Manual and co-authored the Haynes NASA Gemini Manual.


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