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Haynes goes plant-based with new Vegan Manual

8th January 2019
Michael Kitson
Monday, 3 December, 2018


8th January 2019: The vegan movement has recently moved from fad to mainstream, with an explosion of new vegan-friendly restaurants, and celebrities publicly embracing a plant-based life. The vegan demographic has also changed, with more and more young men choosing to go meat-free. In response, Haynes has launched its latest title – Vegan Man – a manual for anyone wanting to successfully follow a meat-free lifestyle who still wants to eat their favourite foods. 

Ideal for new vegans, but also full of ideas for more experienced cooks, Vegan Man is packed with beautifully illustrated and easy-to-follow tasty recipes that use a wide range of accessible ingredients. The book offers top tips on how to make nutritious breakfasts, mouthwatering main courses, and satisfying sweet treats using vegetables, fruits, nuts, oils and pulses. It also includes advice on how to convert your favourite dishes, and offers substitute recipes for making your own vegan condiments.

Vegan Man also looks at the wider vegan world, covering the ethical background and core principles of this global movement. The book explores what the arguments are, what benefits vegan lifestyles have on the natural world, and how to avoid ingesting or exploiting any kind of animal product – from what you wear, drive or ride, to cleaning products, toiletries and sports equipment. 

Michael comments: “Many of the vegan books available are written by and aimed at a female readership. As a vegan man, I felt compelled to write this book so that I could inspire and invite more fellow vegan men to scale up their cooking, move away from salad bowls, blanched kale and brown rice, and start creating the varied and exciting food they really want to eat such as flavor-packed curries, burgers and burritos, creamy pasta and delicious desserts.”

Adding a more male perspective to what has in recent years been a female dominated movement, this book is aimed at all those interest in living vegan, whether experimenting, switching or committing.


Title Details

Vegan Man is priced at £22.99 and available from The book number is H6212. The ISBN is 9781785212123. It is published in December 2018


About the author 

Michael Kitson is a self-taught cook and food photographer who adopted a vegan diet in 2016, and rather than feeling restricted, felt liberated. Michael then changed course from a career in physics to what he discovered was his true passion: inspiring others to see that plant-based food can be every bit as hearty, healthy and delicious as a meat- based diet. Michael runs the food blog, his photos have been published in vegan food magazines, and he is very active on social media. He can be found on Instagram @discoverdelicious. His inspirations are Linda Lomelino, Rachel Roddy, Harold McGee, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, and of course his Mum. 

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