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Haynes goes full throttle with launch of new Pit Bike Manual

3 May 2016
Penny Cox

This month pit bike riders will be hungry to get their hands on a copy of this new manual from DIY expert Haynes.  


The Pit Bike Manual is an ideal companion when carrying out a routine service or repairing the engine.  It also contains procedures on full engine strip-down, chain/sprockets, steering and suspension bearings, front fork strip, tyre changing and ignition tests (including colour wiring diagrams).  In addition, the manual covers the build and pre-delivery inspection (PDI) of a bike from the crate, enabling riders to build their pit bikes from scratch.  


Packed with step-by-step instructions and diagrams to explain how to maintain a pit bike, the manual covers servicing, overhaul and repairs and is accompanied by easy-to-follow photos.  Written from hands-on experience having worked on pit bikes in the Haynes Project workshop, the manual also features tips to make many tasks easier.         


Penny Cox, author of the Pit Bike Manual, says: “The term ‘pit bike’ was coined from the Honda Z50 which was used to ride around the pits during competition events.  Whether having fun with friends at a pit park or track, or racing at events, pit bikes have become an affordable and ideal way to start on the road to a full MX bike.  With events such as MX and Supermoto, stunt riding and freecycle motocross attracting a huge following globally, pit bikes are much loved by both teens and adults alike in the biking community, and have steadily grown in popularity over the last decade.”  


Explaining the evolution of pit bikes, Penny adds: “The power house of the pit bike has always been the single cylinder air-cooled four-stroke engine, distinct from all others by its horizontal top-end, or ‘lay-down cylinder’ as it’s sometimes known.  The roots of this engine go way back in Honda’s history to the Cub, ATC, CT/ST ranges.  Engine displacements range from 50 to 200cc and transmissions are either manual or semi-automatic like the Cub.  Apart from electronic ignition control little has changed in terms of engine development, a result no doubt keeping production costs low and not being swept along with the legislation applied to road bikes.  This style of pit bike remains in Honda’s range as the CRF50 and 70.  Kawasaki and Yamaha have theirs too, the KLX110 and TTR110 respectively.           


“By far the biggest development in pit bike production has been from the factories in China, now a base for many of the world’s motorcycle and scooter manufacturers.  Continuity is maintained in the use of the lay-down engine, but USD forks, hydraulic brakes and wavy discs, plus striking bodywork and graphics, set these bikes apart from traditional brands.  With low purchase costs and comprehensive model ranges, backed up by good spares supply and a wide range of aftermarket products which include a world of performance parts, these bikes offer good value to the pit bike rider.”



The manual focuses on pit bikes with 4-stroke air-cooled horizontal (lay-down engines), specifically the Lifan semi-automatic IP52FMH, 4-speed Lifan 1P52FMI, Lifan IP56MJ (YX140) and Zongshen IP60YMJ (ZS155). Brands covered include Stomp, WPB, Demon-X, LMX, M2R, Slam, Thumpstar, SSR, Orion, YCF, Pitster Pro, Piranha, G2 Moto, Coolster and Motorvert.  


Having sold over 200 million manuals worldwide over more than 50 years, Haynes is the industry leader in automotive manuals, helping everyday motorists to save money on costly garage bills.


As with many automotive manuals from Haynes, you can now access Manuals Online, which includes the Pit Bike Manual, providing access to service and repair information on your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone – great for when you’re on the move. The Manuals Online resource also offers all the content from the printed manuals with the additional benefits of full colour photos throughout, a glossary of terms, searchable menus and quick links.  


The information on this page is supplied courtesy of Haynes Publishing, please credit accordingly if you intend to use it. For more information or to request a review copy please contact:

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