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Haynes Fender Bass Manual

How to buy, maintain and set up the Fender Bass Guitar
Paul Balmer
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THE FENDER BASS MANUAL - Fantastic! as usual - Very, very impressive -

In 1950 Leo Fender took on the challenge of making a string bass audible in 'Western Swing'. He also wanted to design a bass playable by guitarists - with 'Precision' fretting and a workable 'scale'. His audacious solution caused a revolution and today no aspect of popular music is untouched by his genius.

This easy-to-use Haynes Fender Bass Manual offers advice on how to get the best from your Fender Bass, be it a budget Chinese Squier or a classic 'Jazz'. With step-by-step guidance and clear colour photographs, subjects include changing pickups, adjusting a truss rod, active EQ and a DIY fretless conversion on a budget Squier.

Seventeen case studies examine in detail everything from an ex-John Entwistle 1952-53 USA-made '51-type Precision to Indonesian, Japanese, Mexican and Chinese Fender Bass variants, including Jazz, Telecaster Bass, Bass VI, Bronco, Mustang and Jaguar. Legendary Californian session bassist Carol Kaye supplies a foreword and there are 'Tech Tip' contributions from world-renowned bass experts John and Andy Diggins.

Haynes Fender Bass Manual is the fourth in the guitar series; with the Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul, and Fender Telecaster already published. They are all superbly illustrated and cover everything guitar enthusiasts need to know!


Paul Balmer has played and taught guitar for 45 years. His background includes broadcasting (TV & Radio), video / DVD productions including a BAFTA nomination and authorship of the previous Haynes Guitar Manuals. He has also written the official biographies of Stephane Grappelli the world's greatest jazz violinist and guitarist and lutenist Julian Bream. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

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"Tells you all you need to know to keep your Strat roadworthy.Should help you turn your old wreck into a good little runner" - Guitar & Bass Magazine

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"The right level of insight and detail for players to gain a better understanding and confidence when dealing with the workings of their instrument" - Guitarist

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