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‘Haynes Explains’ just in time for Christmas

Amusing new series and format brings alternative take on classic Haynes car manuals
13 October 2016
Boris Starling


International best-selling author, Boris Starling, pens new series ‘Haynes Explains’ just in time for Christmas

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Haynes has joined forces with international best-selling author, Boris Starling, to create a highly amusing and brilliantly observed new pocket-sized ‘Haynes Explains’ series.

Making the perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift, Boris Starling wittily spins his take on Haynes’ inimitable style based on a strip-down and rebuild of a particular ‘model’, with the first four titles in the series focusing on Babies, Teenagers, Marriage and Pensioners.

Taking readers on a journey through four different life phases, from maternity wards to retirement homes, via teenage bedrooms and wedding venues, the tongue-in-cheek Haynes Explains series is a light-hearted and entertaining twist on the classic workshop manual. They take the reader through all stages of life, giving them all the hints and tips to ensure things are kept running smoothly – no matter the eventuality.

Each manual contains everything readers familiar with Haynes manuals would expect to see, including exploded views, flow charts, fault diagnosis and the occasional wiring diagram.

For those new to baby ownership, Babies takes readers on a journey from ‘Assembly’ – the three trimesters of pregnancy, through to ‘Production’ – the birth itself, and on to ‘Fuel’ – feeding the baby and ‘Emission Control Systems’ – wind and nappies. It also looks at ‘Transportation Methods’ – seats, slings and strollers and ‘Routine Maintenance’ – illnesses and vaccinations.

Meanwhile, for owners of children entering teenagerdom, Teenagers features chapters on ‘Reliability’ – temperamental, trouble starting in morning, ‘Sound systems/In-Car audio’ – ghastly teenage music, ‘Bodykits and Accessorizing’ - clothes, image and ‘look’, and ‘Interface Connection Problems’ – not understanding them. This invaluable title also looks at ‘The Horn’ – handling new relationships and approaching sex talks, ‘The CPU’ – teenage technology obsession and ‘Longevity’ – runs better when it gets to 20 years old.

Moving on, making for a great gift for soon-to-be- or newly-weds or those who’ve notched up several years already, Marriage looks at all stages of married life. Chapters include ‘That New Car Smell’ – the honeymoon period, ‘Depreciation’ – how endearing habits become annoying, ‘Crash Test Ratings’ – arguments and how to handle them, and the essential ‘Pillow Torque’ – sex and romance. It also features top pointers on ‘Backseat Drivers’ – when the in-laws come to stay, and ‘Aerodynamics and Drag’ – keeping the marriage fresh.

Finally, Pensioners is the ideal gift for those entering into retirement – from ‘Shock Absorbers’ – adjusting to the sudden change, and ‘Maintaining Residual Values’ – financial planning, through to ‘Rolling Resistance’ – lawn bowls and golf and ‘Unlimited Mileage Warranty’ – an RV and an open road. It also provides some great pointers when it comes to ‘Wear and Tear’ – the ageing process on the body and ‘Computer Malfunction’ – memory problems.

Taking a step away from crime novels and moving into a more light-hearted genre, long-term Haynes fan and critically acclaimed author, screenwriter and journalist Boris Starling, explains why he got involved with the project: “I’ve loved cars since I was a teenager and have always thought of Haynes’ manuals as the ultimate petrolhead bibles. It was my wife who suggested a series of Haynes manuals for people rather than vehicles: she has all the best ideas in our household. I knew some people at Haynes and live quite near their Somerset HQ, so we met up, talked things through and found we were all thinking on pretty much the same lines. We wanted to create something universal which everyone could relate to, hence the choice of the four life stages in a compact format. We also wanted to make them funny as well as helpful and even poignant in places.

“The manuals have been great fun to write and certainly make a real change from my usual workload of thrillers, crime novels and screenplays. Everyone at Haynes was brilliant to work with, and I hope that sense of fun comes across in the books whether you read them individually or as a quartet. We wanted them to be affectionate rather than sarcastic, laughing with people rather than at them. We also worked hard to keep them true to the spirit of Haynes and reflect the authentic artwork, design and layout of the traditional Haynes manuals.”

Jeremy Yates-Round, Managing Director of Consumer Publishing at Haynes Publishing, adds: “Recognising our very rich heritage and reputation as the brand everyone trusts for practical information, the concept of the Haynes Explains series came about as we realised that we could create some highly entertaining material based on our classic workshop manuals.

“Adopting a light-hearted and amusing style, the manuals look at key life stages as if they were the cars that Haynes have been helping consumers work on for over 55 years. With Boris’ passion for Haynes manuals, he was the perfect candidate for penning the series.”

The Haynes Explains manuals are priced at just £6.99 and available from 13 October 2016 at all good bookshops and online, including, WHSmith, Waterstones and Amazon.

Visit the Haynes Explains microsite.

About the author

Boris Starling is an author, screenwriter and journalist. His crime thrillers have made the Sunday Times and New York Times bestsellers list, and his TV series Messiah ran for five seasons on BBC1. Boris lives in Dorset with his family and a range of animals, all of whom mitigate against him indulging his natural petrolhead tendencies.

Haynes Explains BabiesHaynes Explains Babies is available from and is priced at £PRICE.
The book number is H6102, ISBN: 9781785211027.


Haynes Explains TeenagersHaynes Explains Teenagers is available from and is priced at £6.99.
The book number is H6103, ISBN: 9781785211034.


Haynes Explains MarriageHaynes Explains Marriage is available from and is priced at £6.99.
The book number is H6104, ISBN: 9781785211041.


Haynes Explains PensionersHaynes Explains Pensioners is available from and is priced at £6.99.
The book number is H6105, ISBN: 9781785211058.


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