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Haynes Enthusiast Guide: Volkswagen Transporter

Buying, enjoying, maintaining, modifying
JONATHAN HARVEY (Haynes Publishing)
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The Transporter is without doubt the classic Volkswagen of the moment

Volkswagen enthusiast Jonathan Harvey explores the phenomenal rise of Volkswagen's Transporter, which has now surpassed even the Beetle in popularity. This is in no small part due to its rare combination of longevity and versatility that has endeared it to millions of owners around the world since its introduction in 1950.

The author gives a lively, authoritative history of the Transporter through its first three incarnations between 1950 and 1990, while subsequent chapters offer a detailed, year-by-year evaluation of each generation. The first-generation Transporters were known as 'Splitties' due to their split-pane windscreen; the second-generation vehicles were nicknamed 'Bays' due to their panoramic windscreen; and the slab-sided, flat-fronted, third-generation model is commonly called the 'Wedge'.

The Volkswagen Camper is an icon in its own right, and the author describes some of the many conversions that have been produced by various companies over the years. He then provides a fascinating insight into the countless specialist vehicles produced by Volkswagen in response to customer demand.

Armed with the necessary knowledge, facts and figures, prospective owners are then led through the process of buying a Transporter, including choosing the right model, where to buy, what to look for, potential pitfalls and the relative values of different models.

Despite a well-earned reputation for strength and reliability, Transporters require a degree of routine maintenance to keep them in good running order, and the author offers a useful overview of the main points requiring periodic attention. While on a practical theme, he also describes some of the engine upgrades available to those owners requiring more power, and discusses other popular modifications, from elevating roofs to lowered suspension and custom paint schemes. Finally, there is a glimpse of life after the first three generations, along with a helpful listing of associated clubs, traders and shows.

The book's editor Derek Smith works in the Books Division at Haynes Publishing and is a Volkswagen Camper owner and enthusiast himself. He lives in Somerset.

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