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Haynes Dog Manual

The definitive guide to finding your perfect dog, training him and having a happy life together
Carolyn Menteith (Haynes Publishing)
Out Now

For anyone who believes in living happily ever after. don't get married - get a dog! Statistics show that most peoples' relationships with their dogs will last longer than their marriages! So, choosing the perfect dog in the first place and then making sure he is well trained and well behaved, is the secret to making sure these are years of enjoyment - and not ones of heartache.

Haynes, well known for its manuals on everything from washing machines to Morris Minors, has published the Dog Manual - a systematic guide to training a dog and having a happy life with him.

Author Carolyn Menteith straightaway lets owners into a big secret: dog training is not rocket science! Indeed, she says it is easy - if you follow her advice. For example, do you know the secret of good toilet training? What does it mean when a puppy turns in circles? Did you know that the more things you teach your dog, the more your dog looks to you to find out how he should behave? Why does your dog bark at men with beards? Do you throw sticks for your dog when you're on walks? Don't - it's dangerous!

These gems of canine insight come from a vast compendium of essential information in the more than 70 sections of the Dog Manual. Carolyn begins with a useful guide to selecting the correct dog for you, why it is so important, and the characteristics of different types of dog. Then comes the training section - which couldn't be simpler and shows how to teach a dog everything he needs to know to be a socially acceptable member of canine society (even how to behave in the pub!).

All exercises are taught using modern scientific principles of reward-based training: no pushing, pulling, shouting or yanking at your dog. How to deal with potential problems is dealt with next, such as excessive barking, or chasing the postman. Part 4 is all about having fun with your dog - including teaching him to skateboard but, sadly, not how to teach him to do the ironing! The final section lists useful contacts - such as where to shop-till-you-drop for your dog, and even the address of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association!

Written in an accessible style, the Dog Manual is packed with colour illustrations and liberally sprinkled with useful hints and tips. And at just £17.99 it's much cheaper than getting a divorce!

Author Carolyn Menteith is a dog trainer and behaviourist with more than 20 years experience of working with animals. As well as writing for national magazines and featuring on radio as a dog expert, she has presented TV programmes such as What's Up Dog? (Carlton), Celebrity Dog School (BBC 1 for Children in Need), Barking Babes (Granada), and is a judge on Top Dog (Animal Planet). Carolyn lives in Byfleet, Surrey.

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