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Haynes counts down to 50th Anniversary of first Moon landing with commemorative Apollo 11 Manual

15th April 2019
Dr Christopher Riley and Phil Dolling
Monday, 15 April, 2019


15th April 2019: History was made when the first crewed mission landed on the Moon in July 1969, inspiring a new generation to reach for their own ‘Moonshot’ ideas in the decades ahead. To commemorate half a century since US astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the Moon, Haynes has launched a 50th Anniversary special edition of the Apollo 11 Owners’ Workshop Manual. 

This new edition, features an additional 16 extra pages offering an insight into the legacy of Apollo, and how the success and spectacle of the Apollo 11 mission inspired a new generation of space pioneers. These include Elon Musk (SpaceX) and Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin) who have created their own space programmes to transform access to space. Their stated aim is to enable humans to return to the Moon and venture beyond to Mars.

The book provides insight into the hardware from the whole Apollo program, and celebrates the incredible engineering feat of the 400,000 men and women from across the United States that made the seemingly impossible happen; landing Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the Moon in 1969 and bringing them safely home again with Michael Collins.

Talking about the book, author and award-winning film-maker, Dr Christopher Riley, said: “Fifty years on, this updated manual now places the Apollo program into its proper historical context - celebrating the incredible achievement and legacy of those who made it happen. It captures how they pulled off technical miracles and overcame bureaucratic battles, daunting setbacks and tragedies to put human beings onto the surface of an unexplored alien world.    

The new rocket companies flying today stand on the shoulders of their efforts fifty years ago, – to accelerate the development of their own revolutionary reusable rockets that are already bringing down the costs of access to space today – and helping to propel humanity forward to the Moon once again.” 

The Apollo 11 Owners’ Workshop Manual examines the ‘space hardware’ that made all this possible, from the evolution and design of the mighty Saturn V rocket, to the Command and Service Modules, and the Lunar lander. The book also covers the extraordinary story of the Apollo guidance computer and the invention of the space suits needed for the astronauts to walk and work on the surface of the Moon. 

Co-author and BAFTA winning programme maker Phil Dolling added: “We wanted the book to show the reality of how extraordinarily difficult it was to achieve a lunar landing in the mid-20th century. From the raw fire-breathing power of the mighty Saturn V rocket to the individual stitching on the fingertips of a pressure-suit glove, this book chronicles the audacity of engineers who dared to dream that such a voyage was possible and then made it happen.”

The superbly illustrated and expertly written text looks at how the Apollo 11 mission was flown – from launch procedures to ‘flying’ the Saturn V and the ‘LEM’, and from Moon walking to the Earth re-entry procedure. 

The Apollo 11 Owners’ Workshop Manual, 50th Anniversary Special Edition is the latest addition to the growing range of Haynes space titles that include Lunar Rover, Saturn V and Moon manuals.


Title details

The Apollo 11 Owners’ Workshop Manual, 50th Anniversary Edition is available from priced at £22.99. The book number is H6592. The ISBN is 9781785215926. It is published in April 2019.


About the authors

Dr Christopher Riley is a BAFTA and Emmy nominated film maker and writer, specialising in science and engineering stories.  He was born weeks before the first flight of the Saturn V and is just old enough to remember the tail end of the Moon shots. Since then he has made up for the lack of Moon landings by directing and producing films and TV documentaries about the Apollo; including the Sundance award winning "In the Shadow of the Moon" and the BBC's Neil Armstrong biopic First Man on the Moon. He has collaborated with today's astronauts onboard the International Space Station to make the hit YouTube film First Orbit, and the multi-award winning One Strange Rock for National Geographic.

Phil Dolling is an award winning television producer. He has worked for the BBC on many programmes including: Space, Human Instinct, James May’s 20th Century, and Earth: The Power of the Planet. More recently he was Head of BBC Events working on the live broadcasts of the World War One 100th Anniversaries, plus films on David Bowie, Dame Judi Dench and Sir Terry Wogan. He has also written several books and articles on science and technology. Phil was lucky enough to be a small boy in the 1960s when his keen interest in the Apollo Missions began.


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