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Haynes cooks up a storm with new Smoked Food manual

28th February 2019
James Strawbridge
Thursday, 21 February, 2019


28th February 2019: The tradition of smoking food spans thousands of years, and forms part of the world’s cooking heritage. Today, top chefs and home cooks are rediscovering this ancient technique as it grows in popularity in restaurants, street food pop-ups and at festivals. Now, the Smoked Food Manual from Haynes provides budding pit masters with the tools they need to get smoking and curing their own delicious food at home. 

The Smoked Food Manual guides the reader through every stage of smoking and curing food, from pork shoulder to mackerel, cauliflower to garlic, together with 44 mouth-watering recipes to showcase new-found smoking skills.  

The book explains in detail cold and hot smoking techniques and gives expert advice on the best home smokers available on the market, together with hints and tips on the fuel, flavours and aromatics that can be used. 

Written by James Strawbridge, award-winning development chef and smoked food expert, Smoked Food offers a wide range of fabulous, intensely-flavoured food from classic crowd-pleasing meat platters to innovative vegetarian ideas.  

James shares pointers on how to make sausages, cure bacon, smoke fish, build a smoke shack, brine a turkey and pull pork.  He also shows how to air dry home-made chorizo, plank-smoke salmon fillets, hay-bake chicken legs, burn some ends and barbecue the best brisket ever.

Not limited to meat and fish, the book also extends the art of smoking to vegetables, fruit, nuts and even chillies, with tempting and delicious recipes suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

Talking about the new manual, James says: “The tradition of smoking food dates back to a time when hunter gatherers had no other viable means of storing food. The combination of wood combustion with meat and smoke not only keeps meat edible for longer, but creates a great tasting, rich flavour.

“The skill of smoking food is wonderfully instinctive and sensory. The smell, appearance, texture and taste all transform food with serious wow factor. If you’re considering taking up a new cookery skill, I’d seriously recommend that smoking food be a contender; this book acts as a one-to-one set of workshops making it easily digestible for anyone wanting to learn this technique.  What’s more, I wanted to write a book that didn’t just focus on the usual briskets and smoked meats, but brought in a more global influence on the recipes that reflects the origin of smoked foods. 

“The interesting thing about smoking food is that much of the inherited knowledge and old techniques have faded from cookbooks and instead are being kept alive by artisan experts and home-smoking enthusiasts. I hope that this book provides interesting ideas for anyone looking to enhance their smoking and curing skills. I have been smoking food for the last 20 years, but I still have more to learn and experiment with, and that’s what makes this technique so magical.” 

Smoked Food is packed with clear step-by-step photography and easy-to-follow instructions. 


Title Details

Smoked Food is priced at £24.99 and available from The book number is H6217. The ISBN is 9781785212178. It is published in March 2019.


About the author

James Strawbridge is an award-winning development chef and smoked food expert. He has written several cookbooks on artisan skills over the last decade and has presented various TV cookery shows with his father Dick Strawbridge. James’s culinary development agency works with exciting food brands, international clients and major retailers as well as local artisan food suppliers. Smoked food is his passion, and a theme that runs through many aspects of his work. When not smoking food he enjoys teaching his young family how to cook, and feasting with friends. 


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