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Haynes branches out with new tree manual

5th March 2019:
Kenton Rogers and Tony Kirkham
Thursday, 21 February, 2019


5th March 2019: Haynes has branched out with a new manual, Trees Owners’ Workshop Manual, coinciding with the UN’s 2019 launch of the global ‘Tree Cities’ programme which aims to promote tree planting in cities across the globe. 

It is thought that 60-70% of all trees in towns and cities across the UK are privately owned, but how many homeowners will have considered the practicalities on finding the right tree for the right place? Trees will help homeowners select, plant and maintain trees to best benefit their home, whether in an urban area or in the countryside. 

The manual highlights many practicalities and issues associated with trees, such as subsidence, proper care and maintenance, legal issues and choosing a reputable tree-care professional. It also addresses many urban myths and misconceptions around trees. 

Trees shows readers how trees ‘work’, including the huge advances in our understanding of trees over the last 20 years, what they need to survive and thrive in our urban environments and how to use (as a biotechnology) to improve our immediate and wider environment. 

Talking about their new manual, authors Kenton Rogers and Tony Kirkham, said: “What with the UN’s launch of the ‘Tree Cities’ programme, coupled with the Forestry Commission marking its 100th year in 2019, now is certainly an important time for talking about trees.  With this in mind, we wanted to make trees as accessible as possible; there are plenty of books for professionals engaged in managing and maintaining trees, but there is nothing practical written specifically for the homeowner and this is something we wanted to address. 

“This book highlights some of the many benefits of trees that are applicable to homeowners. Not only are they attractive garden features, but trees planted in the right position can reduce a heating bill, lower noise levels and filter air pollution. Above all, whether your tree is already established or not yet planted, it could be providing pleasure (or pain) to many different people, for the next 100, 200, 300 years or more so we hope that readers and future communities will benefit for years to come from the trees that people may be planting and nurturing now.”  

Trees features 400 colour illustrations and includes sections on:

  • Selecting and buying a tree
  • Tree benefits to the home, health and environment
  • Preparation and planting
  • Care, maintenance and pruning
  • Pests and diseases
  • Tree species profiles
  • Troubleshooting 

Trees is for people who already own trees or who are thinking about planting one. It is also ideal for enthusiasts who want to understand more about what trees do. The manual covers all variations of broadleaf and conifers.   


Title Details

Trees is priced at £22.99 and available from The book number is H6201. The ISBN is 9781785212017. It is published in March 2019.


About the author

Kenton Rogers has worked with trees for over 25 years, including positions with the Duke of Wellington’s estate as assistant forester and as a Trustee for the International Tree Foundation. In 2011 he co-founded Treeconomics, a social enterprise with a mission to highlight the benefits of trees.  He is a Chartered Forester and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Tony Kirkham started at Kew as a student where he gained the Kew diploma at honours.  In 1981 he was appointed manager of the North Arboretum, from where he progressed to become Head of the Arboretum and Horticultural Services.  Tony is best known for his appearances in the BBC series ‘A Year at Kew’ and ‘The Trees That Made Britain’. 

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