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Haynes adds World War Two German fighter aircraft to its aviation fleet

Focke-Wulf flies into action for Haynes
02 April 2016
Graeme Douglas

Building on its expanding collection of Second World War aviation titles, Haynes’s latest Owners’ Workshop Manual covers one of the Luftwaffe’s most exceptional fighter aircraft, the Focke-Wulf Fw190.


When the Fw190 first appeared in combat in the skies over France in 1941, its cutting-edge design and performance stunned the RAF and put its own Spitfire Mk Vs on the back foot. The ‘190 went on to earn the terrifying moniker of “Butcher Bird”.  Alongside the Messerschmitt Bf109, it became central to the German fighter force throughout the war in a variety of roles including day fighter, fighter-bomber and ground-attack.


The Focke-Wulf Fw190 Owner’s Workshop Manual dives under the skin of this impressive aircraft, covering its full history from development and construction, to flying, combat experience and maintenance. Author Graeme Douglas has centred the book around the ‘190s being restored to flight, and the airworthy examples of the 21 full-sized Fw190 replicas that were recently built by Flug Werk in Germany. The stories of the company’s replica aircraft are further brought to life with rare and previously unseen photographs of its new-build programme.


Commenting on Haynes’s latest aviation title, Graeme Douglas said: “It really is the case that the Fw190 was way ahead of its time; in fact the RAF described the performance gap between its aircraft and the Luftwaffe’s as ‘a quantum leap’, and the aircraft had a significant impact in the air battles on the Eastern Front. 


“I was lucky enough to have had access to an original Fw190 F-8 under restoration to fly in the United States and the Flug Werk models, which I’ve been able to use as a solid basis for this title. GossHawk Unlimited in Arizona have become the experts in restoring these very special aircraft. They rebuilt the last example of the long-nosed D-13 variant, now on permanent display with the Flying Heritage Collection; in addition, they completed the restoration of the same organisation’s flyable Fw190 A-5 combat veteran, as well as building one of the Flug Werk replicas. Now, they are restoring an original F-8 fighter-bomber version to airworthy status. The attention to detail is second to none and even extends to making the correct rubber ink stamps which are used to mark the aircraft skin to reproduce the sub-contractor’s mark.  As a result, the engineering enthusiasts restoring the aircraft have gained a unique insight into the design and workings of the aircraft that I have incorporated into this book.


“Flug Werk’s fantastic replicas were also invaluable to my research. Its squadron of full-sized new-builds were built between 1997 and 2011 and are now giving aviation fans all across the world the opportunity to see the iconic shape of a Fw190 in the skies. I was lucky enough to have Flug Werk’s test pilot write an account of his first flight in one of the re-created fighters. It paints a thrilling word picture of the challenges in handling such a machine. 


“For those interested in the aviation history of World War Two, this title steps away from the classic RAF aircraft and will open the readers’ eyes to the engineering achievements of the Third Reich. It makes an ideal companion to the Messerschmitt Bf109 Manual for a real insight into the Luftwaffe’s principal combat aircraft.”




About the author

Graeme Douglas has authored two previous manuals for Haynes, which cover the USAAF’s two heavy bomber types that the Fw190 would have come up against during the massed daylight raids over Germany in 1944-45. The B-17 Flying Fortress and B-24 Liberator manuals offer a similar behind-the-scenes view of the two Second World War bombers and are, again, perfect companion reads to Graeme’s latest book. Graeme has extensive experience of working on preserved aircraft, including the Imperial War Museum’s B-17 at Duxford and the privately-owned B-17 'Sally B'. He lives in Essex. 


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