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Haynes adds eight new titles to popular Haynes Explains series

International best-selling author, Boris Starling, pens eight more titles for the entertaining ‘Haynes Explains’ series – an amusing take on classic Haynes car manuals
05 June 2017
Boris Starling

Haynes has joined forces for a second time with international best-selling author, Boris Starling, to add eight new pocket-sized manuals to its multi-selling Haynes Explains series, which launched last year. Making for the perfect gift, Boris Starling wittily spins his take on Haynes' inimitable style based on a strip-down and rebuild of a particular 'model'.

The eight new brilliantly observed titles, which will be published this September and October, cover a whole raft of important subjects, including a jovial but affectionate look at 'The French', 'Germans', 'Americans' and 'The British'. Meanwhile for those looking to decipher the mechanics behind daily life, four additional titles include 'Christmas', 'Pets,' 'Football' and 'The Home'.

Adding to the hugely popular existing range of titles which take a highly amusing look at 'Babies', 'Teenagers', 'Marriage' and 'Pensioners', these eight new books take the total number to 12 in the series.

Retailing at £6.99, each manual is based on a strip-down and rebuild that readers familiar with Haynes manuals would expect to see, including exploded views, flow charts, fault diagnosis and the occasional wiring diagram.

Adopting a light-hearted, entertaining take on the classic workshop manual, highlights of the manuals include chapters such as:

  • The British: Traffic Management: Queuing; and Lubrication: 10 pints on a Friday night
  • The French: The Horn: 5 to 7, Monday to Friday; and Fuel: Foie gras and vin rouge
  • Germans: Precautions: Wurst case scenarios; and Reliability: Impeccable
  • Americans: Consumption: Guzzlers; and Accessories: Racks for all your guns
  • Pets: Sound System: Woofers and subwoofers; and Wheels: Hamster cages
  • Football: Choke: England, every major tournament; and Blind Spots: Referees and managers
  • The Home: Finance deals: Mortgage offers and rates; and Slippery salesmen: Estate agents
  • Christmas: Workshop facilities: Elves; and Shock absorbers: when January's credit card bill arrives

Talking about the huge success of Haynes Explains to date, critically acclaimed author, screenwriter and journalist Boris Starling, commented: "From babies to pets, the British to the Americans, and on into home life, it's been great fun to create a range of tongue-in-cheek titles and poke a little fun at a vast range of subjects – whether laughing at ourselves, or our European and American friends along the way.

"Whether buying a book as a one-off or collecting the entire Haynes Explains series, the popularity of the first four titles shows real appetite for this genre and demonstrates the universal appeal that this kind of book has. Working on this kind of project again with Haynes has been great fun."

Jeremy Yates-Round, Managing Director of Consumer Publishing at Haynes Publishing, added: "Playing on our rich heritage and reputation as the trusted brand for practical information, this amusing series not only enjoyed great sales success over the Christmas period, but it is still proving hugely popular today. The fact that we could extend the brand into a number of new sales channels was a first for Haynes – something we're very proud of.
"Retaining the authentic artwork, design and layout of our traditional workshop manuals, we are delighted to be working again with Boris on the Haynes Explains series, and as we head towards the gifting season, we feel confident that they will prove as popular as our original four titles."

The eight new titles were acquired from literary agent Juliet Mushens at Caskie Mushens on behalf of Boris Starling.

The new Haynes Explains manuals are priced at just £6.99 and available from September 2017 at all good bookshops and online, including

About the author

Boris Starling is an author, screenwriter and journalist. His crime thrillers have made the Sunday Times and New York Times bestsellers list, and his TV series Messiah ran for five seasons on BBC1. Boris lives in Dorset with his family and a range of animals, all of whom mitigate against him indulging his natural petrolhead tendencies.

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